Healthy Traveling Tips

Healthy Traveling Tips

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Traveling is definitely not the easiest time to make healthy choices or stick to your exercise regimen. If you’re in the airport or in a place far from home, the different environments and experiences are going to lead you to make different choices and have a slightly different routine. What’s important is to realize a few days of traveling are not going to destroy what you have worked so hard to build up. As long as you follow these tips below, as well as make up and utilize a few of your own, you’ll survive.

Bring your own snacks

Not only will you save money (airport prices am I right?), you’ll know what you're eating. That is THE most important thing while eating clean: knowing what you are putting into your body. Bring an apple, a banana, or some clementines to snack on. They’re durable fruits and will keep your blood sugar regulated as you travel. You’re also ingesting water when you eat these fruits. Big bonus! Moving on…  

Go for water and drink plenty

I’ve traveled a lot. I can mark Europe off 5 times, South America a couple of times, and across the US plenty. Believe me when I say, drink water (Oh, and pee whenever you get the chance. Thanks, Mom.). When you think of your body like a machine, it needs lubricant to work to its optimal level. Dehydration can lead to muscle aches, fatigue, and cloudy thinking. None of which you want when traveling. Traveling is exhausting because our brains are constantly making decisions: “What gate do I need to go to?” “What time is it?” “What do I want to eat?” etc., etc. Keep your mind working properly by drinking that sweet, sweet H2O.  

Skip the pizzas (unless they are healthy cauliflower crust pizzas), the bagels, and the burgers.  
Go for the fresh-mex option and choose a simple option. Protein, veggies, carb. Limit sauces, cheeses, etc. These items tend to be processed, cheap, and low quality. Tasty? Maybe. But that is exactly what they are designed to be: cheap and tasty. Which usually means lacking in a substantial nutrition department. Depending on your goals, weight loss, gain, muscle building- what have you- make a decision after thoroughly thinking about what you need. If you must eat pizza, split the slice with your travel buddy. For all you loners out there: fine, eat the pizza- no complaining later!

Buy fruit or unsalted unadulterated nuts from the convenience stores  
If you need a snack, go for fresh fruit or nothing-added nuts from one of the newsstands/stores. These items are nutritious and satiating. No wonder our ancestors ate these as a staple in their diets. They will keep you full, and fuel your body until you get on the plane and fall asleep.

Get past the initial drop in blood sugar and choose a healthier option, you'll feel better later  
When you get hungry, your body is going to want the most easily accessible, most energy dense food item you can get your hands on. Simple carbs are going to be on your mind.   Hold out.   Wait until you can get to a better option. I promise it will be worth it. You’ll feel better about your choice, and your body will thank you. The mind and body are connected in more ways than one. What you feel, you produce. Make good, clean choices and good actions will follow.

Eat higher protein w/ veggies and a smaller serving of healthy fat for breakfast  
Eating a protein-rich breakfast has been shown to reduce feelings of hunger for longer than the contrary. A well-rounded breakfast will keep you satisfied and full of energy as you make your way through the hectic airport.

Stay away from the sugary, fat-filled “coffees”.  
If you need some caffeine to pick you up from your lack of sleep, choose either black or go the low-cal route and put your own skim milk and Splenda in. Those fancy coffees barely have any of that sweet, sweet caffeine you desperately need and just a TON of that sweet, sweet sugar and milk fat. No good.

Take the stairs when you can!  
Those extra steps will quickly add up. It’ll help you burn a few more calories, it’ll get the blood flowing, and it'll help wake you up!

The bag doesn't have wheels? Lucky you!  
Holding a bag while you walk will work your core and your upper body. Loaded carries/farmers' walks are a staple in well-rounded routines- now you can do them in the airport! Tighten that upper body to try and keep from swaying, switch hands every now and then, and get a nice pump in before your flight!

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