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    Healthy Eating Blog — cardio

    Best 10 Minute Treadmill Workout for Fat Burn

    This one’s for all you ladies looking to knock out a quick cardio workout without slowing you down from your day-to-day hustle. Below is a simple but effective treadmill interval workout. Or you can download the PDF.

    Ten Minutes. Here's what each minute looks like:

    1. Warm Up Jog / Speed 5 / Incline 0
    2. Speed 6 / Incline 1
    3. Speed 6.5 / Incline 2
    4. Speed 7 / Incline 1
    5. Speed 7 / Incline 2
    6. Speed 6.5 / Incline 3
    7. Speed 6 / Incline 4
    8. Speed 6.5 / Inline 1
    9. Speed 7 / Incline .5
    10. Speed 7.5 / Incline 0

    Good luck!

    Top 5 Best Squats

    Top 5 Best Squats | Clean Eatz Kitchen

    We’ve got five basic exercises to strengthen and tone those quads. Check out the exercises below (download the PDF for a visual guide).

    Bodyweight Squat
    This one uses your own weight – along with gravity’s pull – to build resistance. Just spread your feet apart so they’re aligned with your shoulders. Next, lower yourself into a crouched, seated position (until your booty is about 12 inches from the ground). Lastly, raise back up into a standing position. With each squat motion, you’ll feel it in your quads, hamstrings and glutes!

    Bodyweight Jump Squat
    Ready to get some air and power-up those calves? This Jump Squat will do the trick! Again, stand with your feet shoulders’ width apart. With your head up, arms down by your sides, and your back straight, jump up and squat back down in one motion. Swing your arms upward as you jump, lowering them back to your side as you land into a lower-squat position.

    Bodyweight Plié Squat
    On this one, you need to spread your legs WIDER than shoulders’ width apart. Point your toes and knees outward, slightly to the right and left, respectively. Now lower yourself into a deep-seated position. You’ll feel this one in your hip flexors!

    Split Squat Jump
    Don’t let the name scare you… You don’t have to be flexible to do this one! Instead, put one leg out in front of the other, with your arms by your sides. Jump – raising your arms over your head (shoulders’ width apart). Land in a lunge position, like a half split of sorts. Alternate legs, switching without stop between front and back with every jump.

    Narrow Stance Squat
    To master this static squat, begin with your feet firmly together. Imagine them being cemented in place and slowly lower into a deep-seated position, keeping your head up!


    Four Steps to the Perfect Pull Up

    Four Steps to the Perfect Pull Up | Clean Eatz Kitchen

    Ready to get the lowdown on the pull up? We’re here to walk you through the basics! If you’ve ever wanted to conquer this age-old exercise – or maybe hit a new PR – we’ve got the breakdown. Check out these pointers below (or download the PDF) to prep yourself for completing the perfect pull up! First, it’s good to know the benefits of ANY workout you tackle. Every muscle group has a gold-standard exercise for strength and growth. When it comes to back training, no regimen equals the pull up for effectiveness and versatility. Whether you’re shooting for 1 above the bar or 10, these steps will lift you to success.

    Step 1: Dead Hang
    Grip the bar. Now hang with your feet suspended from the floor and with your arms fully extended (Bend at the knees if needed). See if you can hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Move onto step 2!

    Step 2: Flex Hang
    Position your chin so it’s elevated above the bar. See if you can hold that position for 5 to 10 seconds. Move onto step 3!

    Step 3: Negative Pull Up
    Again, position your chin so it’s elevated above the bar. Now slowly lower yourself down. Taking as much time as possible until you’re in the Dead Hang position. See if you can do 5 to 10 Negative Pull-Ups.

    Step 4: The Perfect Pull Up
    In theory, you’ve already completed the Perfect Pull Up through executing the tips above. Now it’s time to put it all together! Just remember, hold onto the bar with an overhand grip and begin from the Dead Hang position. Start to pull your body weight towards the bar by bending your arms. If you find yourself struggling, it’s best to take a break and come back. You want to avoid straining or pulling muscles at all costs. Once you feel comfortable, raise that chin above the steel and be proud!