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    Healthy Eating Blog — meal prep

    Top 10 Best Prepared Foods for Meal Prep

    Top 10 Best Prepared Foods for Meal Prep

    Top 10 Best Prepared Foods for Meal Prepping 

    Hate prepping meals? Aside from using Clean Eatz Kitchen (hint, hint) here are some helpful prepared foods you can buy at the grocery store to shave time off your meal prep without sacrificing quality of nutrition:

    Brown Rice

    Brown rice will help you fulfill your body’s need for carbohydrates, calories and whole grains. Packed with additional protein and fiber compared to other rice types, brown rice may also help lower your cholesterol as well as assist in controlling your blood sugar levels over time. Pair this with your favorite meat, add a veggie like broccoli or zucchini and top it off with cheese or your favorite sauce and you got yourself an amazing meal.


    Not only is cheese a great way to fill yourself up, it is also helping you reduce the risk of heart disease and possible stoke! Cheeses like Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmesan, Swiss and Cheddar are some of the healthiest out there. Just add a slice or two to your burger, sprinkle a little on your meal or add a bit to your whole wheat pasta to help balance your intake of carbs with protein, calcium and fat. 

    Sweet Potatoes

    Look for either already diced sweet potatoes in the fresh vegetables section or opt for par-cooked frozen sweet potatoes in the freezer section. Usually less nutritious due to added preservatives, canned sweet potatoes can also be utilized. Sweet potatoes are an amazing source of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This veggie can also assist in losing weight due to having high water content and being considered a low-glycemic food, this is a perfect choice. Whether mashed, baked or tater tot you are looking at a great side dish to include with your healthy journey.


    There are a few shortcuts on cooking eggs - you can get whole, cooked hardboiled eggs or Egg Beaters in the refrigerated section. Looking for a great way to shed those pounds? Chow down on on egg or two! This rich source of high-quality protein and nutrients will kick your body into gear and help you get on the right track. Not only is it a great way to get that good cholesterol into your system, it is also an awesome way to get Omega-3s. Prepare your next meal with an egg and you will find yourself getting fuller faster in a very healthy way!

    Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

    Fruits and veggies are a must when it comes to enjoying a healthy meal. Need a quick pick me up? Blend up a smoothie with your favorite fruits and add a bit of kale for an extra vitamin boost! Smoothies not your thing? That’s ok! How about a fresh salad topped with your protein of choice or a simple veg medley with a little seasoning to get those taste buds tingling. Want to get even simpler? Eat your favorite fruits and veggies raw so you can get the most benefits from each tasty treat! 


    Looking for an alternative to your protein intake… BEANS are your answer! High in fiber and a great source of healthy carbohydrates, beans are an awesome addition to your meal any day of the week. Add a few soy beans to your salad, mash up those chick peas for a homemade hummus dish or set yourself up with a side of black beans with your enchilada. Whatever your flavor, beans will help bring your meal to the next level.


    Eating a small amount of nuts every day can help assist in your weight loss journey. Filled with fiber and protein, nuts can help you feel fuller longer. Almonds, Brazil, Cashew and Hazelnuts are some of the best choices when it comes to these crunchy snacks. Pair these with some fruit, cheeses or even grab a protein bar to help with those on-the-go moments.

    Cauliflower Rice

    Cauliflower rice is a PAIN to make. Let someone else do the work with frozen cauliflower rice. Want a rice alternative? Cauliflower rice to the rescue! Low in calories and carbs, this may be a great way to cut those macros down with a simple side dish that will curb those rice cravings. With benefits such as fighting against inflammation and boosting your weight loss power, cauliflower will help you reach those dietary goals. Pair this rice with a protein and broccoli with carrots or mash it up to create an awesome cauliflower crust for your next pizza party and you got yourself a great meal to look forward to. 


    Prepped peppers can be found in the fresh vegetables section or opt for a bag of frozen peppers. Low calorie and a great source of potassium, folate, antioxidants, vitamins A & C and let’s not forget fiber, peppers are jam packed with great benefits! Eat them raw or cooked, peppers help add a little kick of flavor (and can even add some heat) to your favorite dish. Boost your vitamin C intake by chowing down on a red bell pepper as it contains over 10 times the amount compared to the green bell pepper. Peppers are amazing!

    Whole Grain Pasta

    Did you know you can buy cooked pasta? A much healthier alternative to white pasta, whole wheat pasta is full of nutrients that will treat your body right. Things like protein, magnesium, iron and fiber as well as complex carbohydrates and zinc, this type of pasta will help keep those pounds off (just don’t over do it with the portion size). Mix your pasta with olive oil and a few veggies and add a little cheese for a homemade pasta salad, or top it off with your favorite protein with light sauce for healthier pasta dinner!However you love your pasta, whole wheat is a much better choice.  


    Favorite Fall Vegetables

    Favorite Fall Vegetables


    Temperatures have dropped overnight – and just like that – we’re only three months out from kicking off a whole new year. ABSOLUTELY NO COMPLAINTS FROM ME. See Ya Summer!

    Fall has pushed its way into our lives, along with all the cool weather rituals that come with it. This includes everyone’s favorite autumn trends, like:

    • Neighborhood yards morphing into small wheat farms, overrun with straw bales and cornstalks.
    • Losing an hour at night, but somehow gaining lots more sleep.
    • Orange sweaters and Ugg boots…need I say more?
    • Soup becoming a main course instead of a snack.
    • The fashionable return of baggy clothes to cover up summer overindulgence and holiday throwdowns.

    And of course, we can’t forget Halloween! It’s the one day when you can transform into someone or something else, and no one judges your style. It’s like a hall pass on life. There’s no pressure about who’s house you need to be at and how long you must stay. Instead, you get to visit everyone within the perfect time limit – knock, candy, go! And when it comes to satisfying your own guests that night, there’s never any stress preparing them a big meal. Hell, store-bought candy is acceptable and bite size recommended.

    With all of these amazing traditions, what’s not to LOVE about fall? Well, I’ll tell you… Pumpkins!

    Hear me out, guys. Around mid-September, we start to hear whispers about pumpkin-spiced lattes, muffins, sauces, pastas and all the other orange-gourd creations that come out, along with the flannels. Everywhere you look, it’s pumpkin this and pumpkin that. Food that shouldn’t taste like pumpkin becomes infused with its flavor – like some harvest hybrid nightmare. Before you know it, we’re being sold on a pumpkintopia!

    With so many great veggies and fruits at their peak this time of year, why does this one, certain squash get to be the center of attention for two months? Isn’t it enough that we’ve devoted a whole damn pie to it and made it the symbol of an entire holiday?

    For me, 2020 is the beginning of a boycott… No orange Jack-O-Lantern for Red! I know, I know. Last year I filled my recipes with it, but enough is enough. I’m not one to follow basic, and I love to fight for the underdog. So, I’m booting played-out pumpkin for all my OTHER fall veggies!

    Yeah, this won’t be easy. It’s a big undertaking to quit anything cold turkey. But with baby steps, we get there. Here are few other AMAZING, fresh ingredients to consider throwing into the kitchen mix in the chilly days ahead.

    • Acorn Squash
    • Butternut Squash
    • Spaghetti Squash
    • Beets
    • Kohlrabi
    • Radishes
    • Turnips
    • Parsnips
    • Rutabagas

    Fire up the stove and use this month’s recipes as a starting point. It’s time we show Jack what’s up!


    Recycling and Sustainability

    Did you know the world is using less cardboard today than we did 20 years ago? It seems unbelievable with the number of Amazon boxes that we have delivered to the house every day. But it's true because the industry has become much more efficient at packing and shipping. 

    At Clean Eatz, we are on a constant initiative to reduce our footprint when shipping our meal plans. We receive a lot of feedback from our customers on the sustainability of our products when they receive a shipment. While it may seem like there is a lot of packaging materials used to get your meals to you, here is how we view our impact on the environment and how you can help:

    Clean Eatz strives to take any economically feasible steps to minimize the impact of our business. With your help, we can help reduce our footprint to only the fossil fuels needed to transport the product. In fact, a majority of our products are actually produced in North Carolina (where we are), which reduces our carbon emissions footprint with the benefit of helping local industry. 



    Our cardboard boxes are made including recycled cardboard. Our boxes are made 15 miles from our facility making our impact local and minimal.

    You can help - recycle the cardboard



    Our liners are made from recycled blue jean scraps wrapped in a moisture-proof plastic coating. Our liners are made 200 miles from our facility.

    You can help - cut open the liners. The blue insulation can go to any cotton recycling bin (t-shirt bin) and the plastic coating can be recycled with plastic bags




      Our dry ice is reclaimed carbon dioxide from a byproduct of industry. This allows us to "recycle" carbon dioxide and use it twice rather than emitting it into the atmosphere. Our dry ice is made 150 miles from our facility.




        Our containers are made including recycled plastic.
        You can help - recycle or reuse the containers


        Our sleeves are made including recycled paper. Our sleeves are made 25 miles from our facility. 

        You can help - recycle the sleeves with paper

          As you can see, all of our shipping products contain at least some parts recycled materials, allowing us to reduce our impact in an otherwise wasteful industry. Please, be thoughtful in how you use and dispose of our products to help minimize our collective impact on our earth.