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    Healthy Eating Blog — snacks

    Top 10 Healthy Snacks

    Top 10 Healthy Snacks | Clean Eatz Kitchen

    You have to find some sneaky ways to eat healthy but still get an amazingly delicious snack to enjoy! I have found that if I have some hacks to help me get through like some of the yummy recipes below or my Clean Eatz Barz I don't get bored and tend to stay on track for a longer period of time! 

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    Best and Worst Snack Foods

    Best and Worst Snack Foods | Clean Eatz Kitchen

    It’s the end of the day, and you’ve done an epic job at staying on track with your diet! You grabbed a protein bar for breakfast, opted for a smoothie at lunch, and devoured a salad for dinner. Now, it’s just you, your sweats and the couch. As you settle back to unwind, a pizza commercial appears on your TV screen. Full color, high definition, piping-hot cheese. No biggie. You stare for a second or two, but you have your goals to keep you grounded. Onto the next advertisement – a fast food Mecca, waving its damn crispy, golden fries in your face. Okay, this one gets your stomach growling. Still, you’re on point with your plan to master a healthy lifestyle in 2021. Fast forward one hour and a dozen more food-related commercials later... OMG, you’re HUNGRY!

    Listen, you’re not alone in the fight against primetime product pimping! The guys behind these food spots are good and they know how to racket up your temptation. On average, 11 of 19 commercials per hour push unhealthy grub. Of these ads, roughly 44% promote food from the fats and sweets category. This includes candy, soft drinks, chips, cakes, cookies and pastries. And let’s not forget the stakes the fast-food chains have in the game. They account for 11% of all food advertisements.
    So, why do visuals of deep-fried, sugar-coated, salt-laced, grease-shined bites send us into a craving’s spiral? Well, these commercials are designed to hijack our body’s natural way of signaling hunger. In other words, they trigger mindless eating.
    According to a study by the American Psychological Association, people eat 45% more after watching food advertisements. We do this whether we feel hungry or not! Obviously, there’s no way we’re all going to give up late night TV forever. Instead, just remember my 5 Worst / Best Snack Tips when those 30-second spots spark the urge to raid the fridge or pantry.

    Follow these pointers and opt for a better choice :
    It might look tempting, but anything that’s too greasy can cause heartburn. This is especially true when you lie down right after indulging. Between the blanket of cheese and the acidity of tomato sauce, a slice before bed sets you up for a long, uncomfortable night.
    It’s so easy to rip into a bag and dive right in. The fat and salt, however, are a bad combo – especially as bedtime nears. Plus, it’s easy to get caught up in the crunch and have way too many. What usually starts out as a small treat ends up turning into a full-on binge! That’s bad not only for your waistline, but also your mood.
    Okay, we’ve all had that moment when we busted into the cookie
    jar or candy drawer. While the sugar will give you a quick rush, the gratification doesn’t last long. First off, you’re perking up when you should be slowing down. Second, metabolizing the sweet stuff can cause issues with everything from increased hunger and weight gain to poor skin health.
    The box might show a cartoon animal riding on a rainbow, but the fun stops there! This stuff is loaded with empty carbs, so don’t count on it to satisfy you for long. Also, it’s easy to power through several bowls, only to find yourself crashing hard in a glucose daze. If you’re in the mood for cereal, swap out your fruity, frosty, or coco flakes with a low-sugar, high-fiber variety.
    You probably know to stay away from coffee in the wee hours, but watch out for certain teas and sodas as well. First, they really won’t quench your thirst. Second, high levels of these caffeinated drinks can spike anxiety and nervousness, decreasing the production of serotonin in the body. This is the natural “feel-good” chemical. Without the right balance, people can experience depression. It’s best to just cut off all caffeine at least 6 hours before bedtime.


    Ready to roll up on the perfect nighttime snack?
    Try a lettuce turkey wrap. They’re super easy to make, and you get an amazing crunch and balance with every bite.
    RED’S PRO TIP : Add a pickle for texture and use all-natural turkey slices to avoid added sodium.
    Egg white omelettes: They’re not just for breakfast anymore!
    These amazing kitchen creations hit the spot any time of day. Whether it’s sunrise or sunset, they’re delicious, versatile, and cook up fast. Depending on your hunger, you can add more or less veggies to the mix, making for a filling snack with very few calories.
    There are few beverages that can help you relax before bed like a cup of herbal (caffeine-free) tea. To ease into slumber, try chamomile, passionflower, or valerian. Peppermint also can have a calming effect, as long as you don’t tend to get heartburn.
    Okay guys, we’re not talking about a bucket of movie-style, dripping in butter and dredged in salt! Instead, puff up those kernels with an air
    popper. There are multiple pros to this nighttime grub. One, the crunch gives you the sense of eating a less healthy, fried alternative (like chips, cheese curls, etc.). Two, popcorn is a whole grain, loaded with fiber. This means you’ll keep your appetite satisfied much longer. Lastly, it’s a GREAT interactive snack. The movement of reaching into the bowl (or bag) can help keep you from bored eating!
    There’s nothing like ending the day with a treat that takes you back
    to your favorite childhood ice cream shop. By adding just a few simple ingredients, you can make your protein shake one of your favorite, most nostalgic snacks. The key to getting it just right? Throw in ice, Greek yogurt, or even an avocado for a creamier, thicker sip!
    RED’S PRO TIP : Don’t buy cheap protein! If you don’t absolutely LOVE the texture and flavor, that jug will sit there forever

    Eliminate All Carbs?

    Vacation's around the corner, and you're still working to get swimsuit ready. "Eliminate all carbohydrates!" is what goes through most of our minds, but this is not the solution.

    Here's why...

    This is not a good look on anybody. Your body first feeds off of carbs for energy. They're so important for energy, in fact, that 90 percent of your brain's fuel comes from carbs. So when you cut them out, it affects your mood. Making you super hungry and angry (“hangry”) which prompts you to lose self-control around food and eat everything in sight. A balanced diet in whole grains combined with lean protein and healthy fats will help stabilize your mood and ward off hunger.

    YOU EAT TOO MUCH PROTEIN AND FAT Getting enough protein in your diet can help you lose weight, and it's an important macronutrient that will help you build lean, fat-burning muscle mass and keep you full. But when people cut out carbs, that leaves only two macronutrients: Protein and fat. And as good as protein is for you, it's not a free-for-all. Healthy fats such as omega-3s are anti-inflammatory and help you feel satiated, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing also.

    YOU HAVE NO ENERGY Exercise is important for heart health, longevity, and can help accelerate your weight-loss efforts. The problem when you give up carbs, however, is that you have no energy to hit the gym. Because carbs are your body's preferred source of energy, when they're gone, so are your energy levels.

    IT'S NOT SUSTAINABLE Individuals who cut out carbs completely feel miserable most of the time. The moodiness and lack of energy that comes from eliminating this important macronutrient group, is no way to live.

    The reason why giving up carbs can be so effective for weight loss is because people tend to eat the wrong types of carbs to begin with. Foods like refined carbohydrates (white bread, white rice, white pasta, sugar, etc.) spike your blood sugar more than the healthier complex carbs that come from whole grains and fruit. Sticking to portioned servings of those healthy complex carbohydrates is key; depending on your level of activity, your diet should be anywhere from 40 percent to 65 percent carbohydrates.

    Sure, cutting carbs can help you drop pounds in the short term. But overall, it's not a healthy or sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off.

    Suck it up, eat right, and get yourself to the gym!