Covid Supply Chain Interruptions - Please read
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    ***As of Tuesday, August 11, we are only accepting orders for next week. Please do not place an order if you need it this week. We apologize for the delay.***


    Hi Ya'll!

    Thank you all for your patience as we've tried to keep up with demand. We are experiencing some supply chain issues that you should be aware of before ordering:

    1. Product Substitutions - There continue to be shortages of food products in our supply chain. If we are out of or unable to fulfill a portion of your order, we are substituting the missing meals with more of what you already ordered.
    2. FedEx - FedEx continues to be running at max capacity. It's causing delays all across the country. If you experience a delay that causes your food to go bad, please let us know so we can replace it for you.
    3. Dry Ice - America is producing dry ice at 100% capacity. There are no more dry ice plants to turn on and make more dry ice. Your order may be delayed a number of days due to our inability to source dry ice.

    Thank You!