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    Clean Eatz Family Meals
    Item Descriptions


    Sloppy Joe Sweet Potato - (Cal 373 F 9g/C 48g/P 25g)
    Our low-fat, ground turkey sloppy joe served with sweet potato tots
    Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli - (Cal 418 F 10g/C 40g/P 42g)
    Chicken and cheese in a cream of celery sauce with broccoli over brown rice
    Chicken Parm - (Cal 439 F 7g/C 45g/P 49g)
    Whole wheat penne pasta with chicken and marinara topped with a 5-cheese blend.
    Teriyaki Beef - (Cal 323 F 7g/C 40g/P 25g)
    Teriyaki beef with snow peas, peas and carrots over brown rice
    BBQ Beef Casserole - (Cal 309 F 9g/C 35g/P 22g)
    BBQ beef with diced sweet potatoes and a green bean casserole
    Southwest Beef Bowl - (Cal 323 F 15g/C 25g/P 22g)
    Ground beef with diced peppers and corn in a mild salsa over hashed-brown potatoes with a sprinkle of cheese
    Sweet N’ Sour Chicken - (Revised - Cal 342 F 6g/C 50g/P 22g)
    Gluten-free breaded chicken chunks in sweet n’ sour sauce with a side of broccoli florets
    Chicken Enchiladas - (Cal 440 F 8g/C 43g/P 49g)
    Chicken, black beans, brown rice and cheese with enchilada sauce rolled in whole wheat tortillas
    Hibachi Shrimp - (Cal 365 F 9g/C 43g/P 28g)
    Shrimp in our Yum Yum sauce with sliced zucchini and onions over whole wheat noodles. 
    Vegetarian Stuffed Shells - (Cal 203 F 7g/C 25g/P 10g)
    Cheese-filled manicotti with a low-fat alfredo sauce and a side of broccoli
    Teriyaki Salmon - (Cal 334 F 6g/C 32g/P 38g)
    Wild-caught salmon fillets in a teriyaki glaze with asparagus spears over brown rice


    Limited Availability: We only make one run of each of the family meals. Check the Product Page to see what is currently available to order. New items are added weekly. 

    Macros: The macros listed above are based on four equal servings of the family meal. 

    Heating Instructions

    Microwave (1000 Watt) - Remove lid. From frozen, microwave on high power in three 4-minute intervals. Using a fork, break up frozen meal and mix between intervals. After the third interval, heat in 2-minute intervals until meal reaches 165 degrees throughout.

    Oven (400 degrees) - Transfer to 13" x 9" baking dish. Cover with foil. From frozen, bake in three 15-minute intervals. Using a fork, break up frozen meal and mix between intervals. After the third interval, heat until meal reaches 165 degrees throughout.

    Pro Tip - Take meal out of the freezer the night before or morning of that you plan to cook the meal and place in refrigerator. This will cut down on the cooking time above and reheat the meal more evenly.