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    5-Cheese Chicken Parm

    Chicken over whole wheat pasta with marinara and a 5-cheese blend

    Bang Bang Chicken

    Chicken chunks in a sweet and spicy sauce over brown rice with broccoli florets

    BBQ CHicken

    BBQ Chicken with peppers and onions over diced red potatoes

    beef & baby baker potatoes

    Ground beef with baby baker potatoes

    beef and red potatoes

    Shredded steak with diced red potatoes and green beans

    Beef and Rice

    Shredded beef with brown rice, and green beans

    Cheeseburger Bowl

    Ground beef with chopped red onion and dill pickle chips with monterey jack cheese over brown rice

    Chicken and Ancient Grains

    Chicken and ancient grain blend with asparagus

    Chicken and rice

    Diced chicken with brown rice and broccoli florets

    Chicken & Sweet Potatoes

    Diced chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli florets

    Chicken & The Egg

    Popcorn chicken over an egg omelette with hashbrowns and shredded cheese

    Chicken florentine lasagna roll

    Chicken, cheese lasagna roll with spinach in a creamy alfredo sauce

    Creamy mushroom steak medallions

    Steak medallions in a creamy mushroom sauce with red skin mashed potatoes

    farmhouse omelette

    Egg white omelette with beef, bacon and ham served with red potatoes

    frito steak chili

    Steak chili over brown rice with a sprinkle of cheese and topped with Fritos

    huevos rancheros

    Egg white omelette over breakfast potatoes with salsa and avocado crema

    keto american bacon burger

    Cheeseburger with bacon, fried onions and sauce over green beans

    keto butter chicken

    Curry chicken over cauliflower florets

    keto chicken bacon alfredo

    Chicken in alfredo sauce over broccoli with bacon bits, parmesan cheese, and parsley

    keto nashville hot chicken

    Chicken in a creamy hot sauce with pickles and broccoli florets

    keto sesame ginger beef

    Steak strips in a stir fry sauce with green beans

    keto white bbq chicken

    Chicken in a white bbq sauce over green beans

    mandarin orange chicken

    Popcorn chicken tossed in mandarin orange sauce with broccoli and carrots over brown rice

    meatball pita

    Beef meatballs in a pita with marinara and mozzarella cheese

    Sriracha creme chicken

    Chicken in a creamy sriracha sauce with broccoli over brown rice

    Steakhouse Bowl

    Beef in A1 sauce with crispy onion straws, a sprinkle of swiss cheese over potatoes

    Twisted taco beef fries

    Shredded beef over french fries with jalapeno ranch and shredded cheese

    All meals are produced in facilities with known allergens on shared equipment. We do not recommend our meals for those who have any severe food allergies. Fish and Shellfish, while often not on the main menu, are frequently run as specials and are in our facilities.