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    -We haven't raised our prices since we started delivering meals in 2017. Alas, inflation has finally pushed us to a point where we can no longer profitably execute our business model without updating our pricing. Increasing our prices allows us to regain our quality of product and provide you with better meals. 

    Starting February 1st, there will be a $5 Small Box Surcharge added at Checkout for any orders under an $80 subtotal. 

    New Pricing Structure:
    5 Meals - $8.99 per meal
    10 Meals - $8.49 per meal
    15+ Meals - $7.99 per meal
    Why is the price going up just on smaller orders? Buying in bulk allows us to charge a cheaper price per meal (same as Costco or Sams Club) so, at this time, we don't need to increase the price on larger orders to be profitable.