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    Clean Eatz strives to take any economically feasible steps to minimize the impact of our business. Before purchasing our products, please familiarize yourself with how you can help us minimize our impact. With your help, we can help reduce our footprint to only the fossil fuels needed to transport the product.


    Cardboard Boxes

    Our cardboard boxes are made including recycled cardboard. 

    You can help - recycle the cardboard


    Insulated Liners

    Our liners are made from recycled cotton scraps wrapped in a moisture-proof, oxo-biodegradable, curbside recyclable coating. 

    You can help - cut open the liners. The blue insulation can go to any cotton recycling bin (t-shirt bin) and the plastic coating can be recycled with plastic bags, where applicable. 

    Tip: the insulated liners serve multiple recycled purposes - insulation in dog houses or sheds, packing fragile items, kennels use them as dog beds, Goodwill uses them to pack. 



    Dry Ice

      Our dry ice is reclaimed carbon dioxide which is a byproduct of drilling for natural gas. This allows us to "upcycle" carbon dioxide and use it twice rather than emitting it into the atmosphere. 


      Meal Plan Containers

        Our containers are made including recycled plastic.
        You can help - recycle or reuse the containers

        Meal Plan Sleeves

        Our sleeves are made including recycled paper. 

        You can help - recycle the sleeves with paper


          As you can see, all of our shipping products contain at least some parts recycled materials, allowing us to reduce our impact in an otherwise wasteful industry. Please, be thoughtful in how you use and dispose of our products to help minimize our collective impact on our earth. 


          Thoughts or suggestion - please email us -