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if possible, please order at least 10 meals at a time (read more)

Thank you for your interest in our weight loss meal plan program. We've constructed this meal plan to help people who are new to our business get to experience the type of meals that we make. 

Typically, our weight loss meal plan customers choose to Build Their Own Box on subsequent orders once they find out what meals they like. 

While we do have a dietician on our staff, we do not specifically prescribe this program to any individuals. The weight loss meal plan is meant to provide you with a wide variety of meals that would be consistent with Recommended Daily Allowances outlined by the FDA. Each customer should consult a physician before beginning a diet program. 

By purchasing our Weight Loss Meal Plan, you will receive a wide variety of meals that we select for you with the following parameters:

  • 500 calories or below per meal
  • 45g of carbohydrates or below per meal
  • 20g of fat or below per meal

If you are looking for more control over the macronutrients of your diet, we recommend reviewing our menu and choosing your own meals