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    Healthy Eating Blog

    Me-rry Christmas


    It’s officially the season of more. More socializing, more spending, more running around, more eating, more hustle… The only thing you seem to get less of this time of year is sleep. Yeah, we’re all knee deep in the holiday chaos, and it’s only going to get crazier!

    But, what if we all tuned out the noise? What if we took a step back and focused inward? What if we used this time to celebrate ourselves a bit MORE?

    Earlier in 2020, I kicked off our online magazine – Red My Mind – with a blog titled, Grab Your Oxygen Mask. In it, I talked about the importance of taking care of yourself so you can be there to take care of the ones you love. Just like they tell us when flying: Mask up first, then help those around you. After 12 months of assisting everyone else in “the cabin,” it only makes sense you close out the year with some personal attention. After all, how can we make 2021 better if our mask isn’t already on?

    So, take a long look in the mirror and say, GIFT ME! I know, I know – it’s totally different than what you’re used to doing. That’s why I’m here to help you get started. Here’s what’s on my Santa’s list. Feel free to draw some inspiration!


    One of the best presents you can give yourself is time. I usually joke about my Twensday, but all kidding aside, you can make it happen. To accomplish this, though, you have to be willing to delegate some of your daily routines. There are plenty of services that can help, but you’ll first need to identify what you want taken off your plate, and how much the returned time is worth to you.

    Begin by breaking down your week into total hours that you spend on daily routines. Doing this exercise alone will really surprise you.

    • 3 hours grocery shopping
    • 6 hours cooking
    • 4 hours cleaning
    • 5 hours commuting to work
    • 3 hours picking up kids
    • 5 hours of laundry
    • 2 hours wasted in gym
    • 7 hours just being unorganized

    See where I’m going with this? Now it’s time to decide what you want – and can – hand off. Even if it’s gradual, getting into the habit of choosing where you spend your energy is the start. Whether assigning some of these chores to the other people living under your roof or hiring someone to carry them out, you’re ALLOWED to share the workload. Before you know it, you’ll have created your very own Twensday with the time remaining. Then, it’s all about doing you!


    Staying on track with my personal goals – it’s an issue I struggle with every year… week… ok, day! I’ve got some great excuses as to why I stray away, but it really comes down to two things:

    • I tend to put everyone else before me.
    • I way overcomplicate things, researching this and that before making a move.

    Don just did a podcast called K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). So, I’m taking his advice when it comes to holding myself accountable in 2021 and following through on positive habits. The good news is I’ll have the support of those around me.

    Our team at CE has an awesome plan this year for the We Change Livez Challenge, which should help me stay focused. I’m also asking all you guys to keep me on track. Even better, join me! We always say, Epic People Do Epic Shit TOGETHER! Let’s kick off the new year by signing up for the WCL Challenge as a gift to ourselves. Start thinking of the milestones you want to hit and stay tuned for registration details in December!


    I had a conversation with a friend a few weeks back. She said: If we spent the same amount of time seeing the awesome features in ourselves as we do finding the flaws, our days would be filled with happiness instead of doubt.

    I’m now in my 40s, and my body has started to change. Hey, things just don’t work like they used to… metabolism, skin elasticity, joints, and the list goes on. Still, this isn’t an excuse to give up on feeling good and projecting personal confidence.

    It’s time we all do whatever it takes for us to look at ourselves in the mirror and fall in love with the person staring back. So, you hate your hair? Splurge on a new stylist. You’re bored with the same old look? Full makeover it is. You’re tired of your wardrobe? Invest in the fashion that makes you proud. Wrinkles driving you crazy? Botox is on sale! You don’t like that you always feel off? Get labs done to see if there is a medical-related cause and treatment.

    Some might call this cheating – and that’s o.k. The fact is, sometimes we all need a little boost to get us started. If feeling better about yourself comes down to a simple procedure to kick things off, then aren’t you worth it? Just remember, very rarely is there a “fix-all.” Whatever you decide to do, it likely will take a commitment to yourself to see it through. That might be proper diet, exercise, meditation, down time, etc. That’s the main part of this Self Love equation – leveraging your inner strength to guide the renewed you.

    No matter what you decide to gift yourself this holiday, here’s to a new year filled with MORE of the personal attention you deserve!



    Favorite Fall Vegetables

    Favorite Fall Vegetables


    Temperatures have dropped overnight – and just like that – we’re only three months out from kicking off a whole new year. ABSOLUTELY NO COMPLAINTS FROM ME. See Ya Summer!

    Fall has pushed its way into our lives, along with all the cool weather rituals that come with it. This includes everyone’s favorite autumn trends, like:

    • Neighborhood yards morphing into small wheat farms, overrun with straw bales and cornstalks.
    • Losing an hour at night, but somehow gaining lots more sleep.
    • Orange sweaters and Ugg boots…need I say more?
    • Soup becoming a main course instead of a snack.
    • The fashionable return of baggy clothes to cover up summer overindulgence and holiday throwdowns.

    And of course, we can’t forget Halloween! It’s the one day when you can transform into someone or something else, and no one judges your style. It’s like a hall pass on life. There’s no pressure about who’s house you need to be at and how long you must stay. Instead, you get to visit everyone within the perfect time limit – knock, candy, go! And when it comes to satisfying your own guests that night, there’s never any stress preparing them a big meal. Hell, store-bought candy is acceptable and bite size recommended.

    With all of these amazing traditions, what’s not to LOVE about fall? Well, I’ll tell you… Pumpkins!

    Hear me out, guys. Around mid-September, we start to hear whispers about pumpkin-spiced lattes, muffins, sauces, pastas and all the other orange-gourd creations that come out, along with the flannels. Everywhere you look, it’s pumpkin this and pumpkin that. Food that shouldn’t taste like pumpkin becomes infused with its flavor – like some harvest hybrid nightmare. Before you know it, we’re being sold on a pumpkintopia!

    With so many great veggies and fruits at their peak this time of year, why does this one, certain squash get to be the center of attention for two months? Isn’t it enough that we’ve devoted a whole damn pie to it and made it the symbol of an entire holiday?

    For me, 2020 is the beginning of a boycott… No orange Jack-O-Lantern for Red! I know, I know. Last year I filled my recipes with it, but enough is enough. I’m not one to follow basic, and I love to fight for the underdog. So, I’m booting played-out pumpkin for all my OTHER fall veggies!

    Yeah, this won’t be easy. It’s a big undertaking to quit anything cold turkey. But with baby steps, we get there. Here are few other AMAZING, fresh ingredients to consider throwing into the kitchen mix in the chilly days ahead.

    • Acorn Squash
    • Butternut Squash
    • Spaghetti Squash
    • Beets
    • Kohlrabi
    • Radishes
    • Turnips
    • Parsnips
    • Rutabagas

    Fire up the stove and use this month’s recipes as a starting point. It’s time we show Jack what’s up!


    10 Minute Best Glute Exercises

    10 Minute Best Glute Exercises

    Looking for some tricks to quickly tone up that booty!? Repeat the following exercises for 4-6 rounds to burn 100 calories in 10 minutes.

    1. Full sit up a twist
    2. Mountain climbers
    3. Standing alternating knee tucks
    4. Burpee with a knee lift
    5. Flutter kicks

    You can also download the PDF for how-to illustrations.

    10-Minute Core Cardio Shred

    10-Minute Core Cardio Shred

    Looking to strengthen your abs AND burn 100 calories in 10 minutes? We’ve out the workout for you!

    Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, and rest 15 seconds in between in each exercise. Do this for three rounds.

    1. Full sit up a twist
    2. Mountain climbers
    3. Standing alternating knee tucks
    4. Burpee with a knee lift
    5. Flutter kicks

    Best 10 Minute Treadmill Workout for Fat Burn

    This one’s for all you ladies looking to knock out a quick cardio workout without slowing you down from your day-to-day hustle. Below is a simple but effective treadmill interval workout. Or you can download the PDF.

    Ten Minutes. Here's what each minute looks like:

    1. Warm Up Jog / Speed 5 / Incline 0
    2. Speed 6 / Incline 1
    3. Speed 6.5 / Incline 2
    4. Speed 7 / Incline 1
    5. Speed 7 / Incline 2
    6. Speed 6.5 / Incline 3
    7. Speed 6 / Incline 4
    8. Speed 6.5 / Inline 1
    9. Speed 7 / Incline .5
    10. Speed 7.5 / Incline 0

    Good luck!