Introducing the Healthy Hot Pocket, the perfect snack or meal option for those looking to eat well on the go! Made with a flaky pastry crust and stuffed with protein, our empanadas are a balanced meal on the go. The convenient, handheld size is perfect for busy mornings, busy afternoons, or as a snack anytime, anywhere. So why settle for unhealthy fast food when you can have a Clean Eatz Empanada, full of flavor and nourishment in every bite? Enjoy a delicious empanada with a healthy twist!

Beef & Cheese Empanada - (Cal 240  F 12g/C 19g/P 14g) - Ground beef and cheese in a flaky pizza pocket crust

Buffalo Chicken Empanada - (Cal 230  F 12g/C 17g/P 14g) - Chicken in buffalo sauce with mozzarella cheese in a flaky pizza pocket crust

Pepperoni Pizza Empanada - (Cal 330  F 23g/C 17g/P 15g) - Mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce and pepperoni in a flaky pizza pocket crust