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    Healthy Eating Blog

    Top 10 Reasons to Meal Prep


    We love hearing our customer’s amazing stories. Over the years, so many of you have told us how you’ve rolled the Clean Eatz Meal Plan into your weekly routines. We’re so proud to be by your sides – providing nutrition and lifestyle support on your individual journeys. If you’re new to CE, welcome! Check out these Top 10 Reasons why others have allowed us to be a part of their lives and keep pushing toward your goals!

        How many times have you finished your breakfast, lunch, or dinner and felt like you just left the Thanksgiving table? Overeating is so easy to do by mistake. That #STUFFED feeling is not good for digestion or daily health. CE Meal Plan selections are carefully weighted and have the proper balance of carbs, fats, and protein. Each thoughtfully crafted meal is then packaged in a portion control container so you don’t have to think about serving sizes.
        When most of us talk about eating healthy, our minds typically think of bland and boring food. Chicken and broccoli…Eggs, with a slice of toast. The CE Meal Plan system is designed to switch up tastes so you feel physically good and kill those cravings! Every week, we put out a new selection of chef-inspired dishes, each designed with the perfect blend of carbs, fats and protein to meet your lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain or gain muscle, there are meals to meet your fitness goals and satisfy your hunger.
      3. SAVE TIME
        Let’s face it, everyone is BUSY! Time is such a valuable commodity, and we’re all constantly trying to figure out how to gain time in our days. That’s why we’ve developed the CE Meal Plan system around the idea of convenience. All meals come fully prepared and can be heated in a matter of minutes, allowing you to use your time doing the things you love.
      4. SAVE MONEY
        Eating healthy and delicious doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can actually save money. The CE Meal Plan helps individuals and families ditch costly grocery store runs by offering essential dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s no purchasing of unneeded ingredients or impulse buys – just the delicious nutrition you need. Better yet, the more CE Meals you buy, the lower the cost per selection.
        At Clean Eatz, we consider all Meal Plan customers a part of our family! We try to show this every chance we get. Whether it’s when you pick up your weekly meal plans at your local CE café or simply swing by for a quick bite, we love hearing the stories about how Clean Eatz has changed your life.
        A well-balanced routine is one of the keys to minimizing stress. Our Clean Eatz Meal Plan is designed to help you save time and get ahead of schedule. We create our meals around your lifestyle demands – rushed mornings, desk lunches, family dinners on the fly… we’re thinking of dishes to satisfy you on the go. We even offer snacks to include in your routine through our Café Marketplace.
        Many have turned to the Clean Eatz Meal Plan to pay it forward. In some cases, it’s used to help make a family member or friend’s busy day a little easier. In other instances, people rely on it to help meet the dietary needs or health goals of someone they care about. With customized offerings geared toward those with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and food allergies, the CE Meal Plan accommodates many different lifestyles.
        A lot of people pick Clean Eatz as their meal plan provider for the sheer variety. Every week, we cook up six new meals. This includes five new entrees and one new breakfast. We do this because we understand how easy it is to become bored with a fad diet. We’re a lifestyle, so we live up to it by always keeping our fans guessing about what’s coming next!
        At Clean Eatz, we understand everyone has different goals and needs. 
      10. TASTE
      11. We always save the best for last! By far, taste is one of the most popular reasons people choose the Clean Eatz Meal Plan. We LOVE the reviews we receive every day, many surprised by how delicious and filling our healthy creations are. We’re always thinking up new recipes so you can continue to enjoy mealtime and feel great. Keep letting us know about your CE experiences, and we’ll keep bringing the flavor!

    Get Back in the Routine!


    Routines have been blown up these past few months! It’s understandable. Our world was drastically turned upside down overnight. Many people’s days now consist of casual mornings without a commute to work and long evenings spent watching tv shows or movies. Let’s face it, our lifestyles have totally changed, but now’s the time to get back in sync! Check out these CE tips on how to return to balance.


    It is time to revisit your pre-lockdown lifestyle and map out how to get back on track. Maybe you were an early riser with an hour commute? Maybe you had a set bedtime, allowing you take on that crack-of-dawn workout. Whatever your scenario, you need to visualize how it “used to be” and formalize it with a schedule.

    It won’t be easy, and you might need to ease your way back. For example, start by setting your alarm closer and closer to your “normal” wake-up time each morning. At night, program your tv to cutoff at a specific time, helping to pry you away from Netflix and focus on getting rest. Ask yourself these questions:

    • When should I be waking up?
    • When should I go to bed to get 7-9 hours of sleep?

    Our weeks collectively used to be filled with lunch dates, workouts at the gym, meetings, little league games, happy hours, time with friends and family, etc. No matter the situation, there seemed to always be something to do.

    Lately though, you might find yourself saying, “I’ll do it later.” The shift in our routines and limited access to events can trigger procrastination, morphing once normal activities into difficult commitments.

    The key is to make plans and keep them in front of you. Do it the night before. Write them out and post them daily to your bathroom mirror. This includes scheduling your workout time, your lunch time, and even your happy hour Zoom calls with friends.

    Other ways to be prepared for the week ahead and stay on track:

    • Place your Clean Eatz Meal Plan order on Thursday or Friday to cover lunches and dinners for the upcoming week
    • Segment your day into categories: Work Time / Exercise Time / Me Time / Family Time
    • Schedule a reoccurring Zoom or FaceTime with friends and family

    Teamwork makes the dream work! Many of our jobs require us to collaborate with people every day. Without realizing it, our co-workers help hold us accountable by being a part of our constant routine. This same concept can be effective, even when we’re not necessarily face-to-face. Find an accountability partner that is ready to get back to normal as well. Connect with them – schedule virtual meetings, plan joint workouts, and use one another to drive individual results.

    Ways to stay aligned include:

    • Morning FaceTime to review goals – do it over coffee or breakfast!
    • Share Fitbit/Apple Watch activity with each other
    • FaceTime during a home workout
    • Casual Zoom catch up at the end of the day

    When was the last time you put on “real” clothes? Sweats don’t count! Maybe you haven’t packed your work lunch, handled carpool duty for school drop-off, or prepped for an in-person presentation in a while. Each of these actions require thoughtful organization, which was all but obsoleted during social distancing.

    But as we gradually begin to get back, there are ways to transition smoothly without becoming overwhelmed. It all starts with keeping organized. Simple routines, like laying out our outfits for the next day, will help condition us again for proactive living.

    Prep the next day’s lunch or breakfast the night before. Use your calendar to organize weekday events, even if they are as basic as family bike rides or a walk. Make mealtime more structured by dividing your Clean Eatz Meals in the refrigerator by “His” and “Hers” or writing the days of the week on each. When it comes to recommitting to a predictable workout routine, display five exercise outfits in your room so they prompt you to MOVE IT every day.

    It all comes down to organizing yourself for success and normalcy ahead of time.


    Nobody said it was going to be easy returning to “how it used to be.” We’re all going to want to smash that snooze button, skip workouts, and dodge obligations. This is totally normal, but not sustainable.

    Instead, take it one day at a time, using simple rewards as encouragement for getting it done. A healthy dessert, like Clean Eatz Buckeyes or a half cup of Clean Crunch, go a long way toward motivating! Whatever you choose as a pat on the back, remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy – just compelling. This includes:

    • A nice Friday night dinner after a consistent week
    • Personal time to yourself while your significant other watches the kids

    Remember, routines last longest when they’re kept simple, deliver gratification and move you to results. It’s up to you to choose what that looks like, but executed with these pointers in mind, you can win some normalcy back for you and your family.

    Kid's Workout Thoughts

    Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked in Division I college athletics at some of the top universities in the country. One of the most popular questions I receive from friends, family, moms and dads is: “When should my child start lifting weights?”

    The true answer is there is no “perfect” time. Every child matures at a different rate, with each of them having a different developmental background. When I reflect on this question now at 36 years old, I automatically think back to my personal development and growth.

    In those middle school years, I ran faster and got stronger. By that age, I was already a multi-sport athlete, playing in recreational sports, as well as competitive travel teams. While lifting weights was non-existent for me, physical activity was very much a part of my daily routine.

    Even though I wasn’t necessarily picking up a weighted barbell, I was running, jumping and sprinting. These activities alone helped me gain muscle, since they’re all forms of plyometrics and directly associated with getting stronger. For this reason, I believe it is vital for middle school kids to play multiple sports that involve acceleration, deceleration, and changing directions.

    As for my advice on how to approach weightlifting for early teens: Take it slow. I believe middle-school-aged youth should work on body control and lifting their own body weight first. Exercises such as pushups, pull ups, and body weight lunges or squats must be mastered before progressing to loaded exercises. A solid mix of playing sports – along with body weight exercises – will help them develop a strong foundation for progress in the future.

    At the end of the day, the “perfect” time to start lifting can be a case-by-case. The best answer really depends on the child’s development and age. Just know, the more you responsibly expose your children to sports and a fitness lifestyle now, the better chance they have of becoming athletic and able to handle themselves with weight bearing exercises in the future.

    – Ben Fleming, Clean Eatz Corporate Team, Project Management & Operations

    House Recipe: Turn Your Kitchen Into a Restaurant


    The days of dining out might be on temporary hold, but there are ways to shake your family from their “Stay Home” funk at mealtime. We’ve cooked up a few ideas to restaurantify your kitchen and tell isolation to shove off – Clean Eatz style!

    Taste Test Tapas
    This super simple setup isn’t just fun, but also will get everyone trying different foods. Pick 5 of your favorite family meals. Put a serving of each on small plates, turning the dining room table into a sampling station. Add an extra touch by printing out a menu that explains each dish, letting your crew try the one at a time. Don’t forget to include Paleo Fudge or CE Buckeye bites as closer!

    Dinner & A Movie
    Everyone loves great food and entertainment. Set up a movie-themed dinner night. Maybe an Arnold Wrap Party? Just serve ’em up and cue the Terminator-Predator double feature. Or how about Bowling Night, where everyone builds their own and watches The Big Lebowski? Get creative with your flick selections, and we’ll make sure you have a tasty supporting cast!

    Pizza Party
    Grab some Clean Crust Cauliflower Pizzas and let the pies fly. This healthy, DELICIOUS buffet of cheesy goodness is sure to get the family feeling good. Transform your dining room setting with a plastic, red-and-white checkered tablecloth. Throw on some Italian music, put out the pepper flakes mill, and dim the lights… You’ll swear you’re eating at one of the city’s best pizza joints.

    Food Trivia
    They say you are what you eat, and this idea makes sure they know the ingredients to living life in the moment. Pick 5 to 7 family meals or café menu items. Desserts count too! Make sure you get a range of different flavors, as each will guide the line of questioning. Here are few themed trivia examples you can use in addition to general food facts:

    • Try to list the ingredients of a meal based on taste.
    • Name a movie or song that references the main ingredient of a meal.
    • List five other dishes that use the main ingredient of a meal.

    Clean Eatz Coronavirus Workout Program

    Does social distancing got anyone else feeling pent up? We hear ya CE Nation, so we've put together the perfect HIS and HER home workouts to lift your mood! Check 'em out and hang in there. Together, we'll push through this one rep at a time :)