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    Here is a list of the extra protein meals we currently are making. We hope to add more options in the future



    XP Baked Potato Bowl - (Cal 528  F 32g/C 26g/P 34g) - Loaded potatoes with ground beef, sour cream, bacon bits, shredded cheese and green onions

    XP BBQ Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl - (Cal 516  F 12g/C 50g/P 50g) - BBQ Chicken with fire-roasted corn and a sprinkle of cheese over mashed potatoes

    XP Beef Tater Tot Casserole - (Cal 440  F 16g/C 33g/P 41g) - Sweet potato tater tots loaded with beef, black beans, tomatoes and cheese

    XP Sweet-N-Sour Chicken - (Cal 528  F 12g/C 71g/P 34g) - Breaded chicken tossed in sweet n’ sour sauce with a side of broccoli

    XP Keto Caprese Chicken - (Cal 388  F 20g/C 8g/P 44g) - Chicken, tomatoes and parmesan in a creamy pesto over broccoli

    XP Keto Jalapeno Popper Chicken - (Cal 557  F 29g/C 14g/P 60g) - Chicken and bacon in a cheesy, spicy cream sauce over broccoli

    *** If you order a meal not offered in your area, we will substitute it with another meal you selected ***

    XP Keto Chicken Cordon Bleu (West of MO Only) - (Cal 506  F 30g/C 12g/P 47g) - Chicken, ham and swiss served with green beans in a creamy lemon sauce

    XP Cheeseburger Bowl - (Cal 552  F 24g/C 49g/P 35g) - Ground beef with chopped red onion and dill pickle chips with monterey jack cheese over brown rice

    XP Honey Mustard Chicken & Potatoes - (Cal 504  F 20g/C 38g/P 43g) -Chicken tossed in honey mustard with potato chunks and broccoli

    XP Keto Chili (East of KS Only) - (Cal 400  F 24g/C 15g/P 31g) - A ground beef chili with peppers, onions, and diced tomatoes