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    Here is a list of the extra protein meals we currently are making. We hope to add more options in the future



    (5) XP Sloppy Joe Sweet Potato - (Cal 487 F 15g/C 58g/P 30g) - Ground beef sloppy joe served over sweet potato chunks

    (5) XP Keto A1 Beef - (Cal 540 F 36g/C 14g/P 40g) - Shredded steak in A1 sauce with peppers and onions over olive oil green bean

    (5) XP Enchilada Lasagna - (Cal 485 F 13g/C 44g/P 48g) - Chicken tossed in enchilada sauce with ricotta and Monterey cheeses over whole wheat pasta

    (5) XP Keto Chicken Bacon Ranch - (Cal 508 F 32g/C 9g/P 46g) - Chicken in ranch over green beans with a sprinkle of bacon bits and green onions

    (5) XP BBQ Bacon Burger Bowl - (Cal 578 F 30g/C 45g/P 32g) - Ground beef in a tangy bbq sauce with bacon bits, cheese, and crispy onions over brown rice

    (5) XP Queso Verde Chicken - (Cal 500 F 12g/C 50g/P 48g) - Chicken in a creamy green sauce with black beans and corn over brown rice