Extra Protein Meal Plan Menu

Here is a list of the extra protein meals we currently are making. 


XL Chicken Mash Potato Bowl - (Cal 430  F 11g/C 38g/P 44g) - Baked chicken with corn and monterey jack cheese in a light gravy over mashed potatoes

XL Honey Mustard Chicken - (Cal 490  F 17g/C 44g/P 40g) - Diced Chicken in honey mustard with broccoli and potato chunks

XL Mandarin Orange Chicken - (Cal 510  F 9g/C 78g/P 28g) - Tempura chicken with broccoli and carrots in sweet & sour sauce over brown rice

XL Pizza Mac & Cheese - (Cal 510  F 18g/C 44g/P 43g) - Chicken sausage and pepperoni in tomato sauce over mac & cheese

XL Queso Chicken Pasta - (Cal 580  F 23g/C 50g/P 43g) - Chicken with peppers and onions in chipotle cheese sauce over pasta

XL Southwest Beef Bowl - (Cal 570  F 24g/C 54g/P 34g) - Ground beef with tomatoes and fire-roasted corn in cheese sauce over brown rice


*** If you order a meal not offered in your area, we will substitute it with another meal you selected ***


Specials are run through-out the month with limited availability. Specials are available only through the Build Your Own Meal Plan option. *If you don't see the special meal available there then we are sold out. 

XP BBQ Chicken Mash Potato Bowl - (Cal 520  F 12g/C 52g/P 50g) - BBQ Chicken with roast veggies and shredded cheese over mashed potatoes

XP General Tso’s Chicken - (Cal 460  F 9g/C 43g/P 52g) - Chicken with stir-fry vegetables in general tso’s sauce over brown rice

XP Monterey Chicken - (Cal 400  F 10g/C 29g/P 48g) - Chicken and bacon tossed in bbq sauce with a sprinkle of cheese over broccoli

XP Sesame Chicken - (Cal 500  F 9g/C 60g/P 46g) - Chicken in sesame sauce with broccoli over white rice