Current Meal Plan Menu

Here is a list of all the meals that we are currently preparing in our kitchens. The menu changes monthly.  Some meals may not be available in certain locations.

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Breakfast Meals

Beef and Eggs - (Cal 400  F 15g/C 38g/P 32g) - Scrambled eggs with shredded beef and diced potatoes

Hash Brown Stack - (Cal 440  F 13g/C 48g/P 32) - Egg omelette with bacon over hash browns in a light gravy

Pancake Breakfast - (Cal 480  F 21g/C 49g/P 25) - Egg omelette with a chicken sausage patty and pancakes


 Lunch & Dinner Meals  

The Arnold Bowl  - (Cal 390  F 14g/C 38g/P 28g) - Beef, green peppers and mushrooms over brown rice with mozzarella cheese and Clean Eatz Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese - (Cal 430  F 12g/C 35g/P 47g) - Diced chicken in buffalo sauce with a side of mac & cheese

Chicken Mash Potato Bowl - (Cal 340  F 7g/C 31g/P 38g) - Chicken with corn and monterey jack cheese in a light gravy over mashed potatoes

Green Chile Chicken & Queso Mac - (Cal 400  F 11g/C 45g/P 30g) - Diced chicken in green chile salsa with queso mac & cheese

Honey Mustard Chicken - (Cal 418  F 14g/C 42g/P 31g) - Chicken in honey mustard with broccoli and potato chunks

Mandarin Orange Chicken - (Cal 390  F 6g/C 63g/P 21g) - Tempura chicken with broccoli and carrots in sweet & sour sauce over brown rice

Pizza Mac & Cheese - (Cal 410  F 13g/C 40g/P 34g) - Chicken sausage and pepperoni in tomato sauce over mac & cheese

Queso Chicken Pasta - (Cal 480  F 17g/C 48g/P 32g) - Chicken with peppers and onions in chipotle cheese sauce over pasta

Sour Cream & Onion Chicken - (Cal 390  F 14g/C 29g/P 36g) - Chicken & bacon bits in a sour cream & tomatillo sauce with shredded cheese over potatoes

Southwest Beef Bowl - (Cal 460  F 15g/C 54g/P 26g) - Ground beef with tomatoes and fire-roasted corn in cheese sauce over brown rice

Steakhouse Bowl - (Cal 380  F 23g/C 40g/P 28g) - Beef in A1 sauce with crispy onion straws and swiss cheese over potatoes

Teriyaki Beef - (Cal 440  F 13g/C 48g/P 32g) - Beef in teriyaki sauce with broccoli and carrots over brown rice


Keto Meals

Keto Cheesy Beef Taco - (Cal 320  F 21g/C 7g/P 25g) - Ground beef in a creamy enchilada sauce with shredded cheese over cauliflower

Keto Chicken Bacon Alfredo - (Cal 356  F 20g/C 12g/P 32g) - Chicken in alfredo sauce over broccoli with bacon bits, parmesan cheese, and parsley

Keto Chicken Cordon Bleu - (Cal 360  F 20g/C 10g/P 34g)  - Chicken, ham, & swiss cheese in lemon sauce over green beans

Keto Jalapeno Popper Chicken - (Cal 449  F 25g/C 12g/P 44g) - Chicken and bacon in a cheesy, spicy cream sauce over broccoli

Keto Nashville Hot Chicken - (Cal 340  F 20g/C 14g/P 26g) - Chicken in a creamy hot sauce with pickles and broccoli florets

Keto Sweet & Spicy Beef  - (Cal 353  F 25g/C 10g/P 22g) - Beef strips with mixed veggies in sweet & spicy sauce


Basic Meals

Basic Beef with Baby Baker Potatoes  - (Cal 396  F 24g/C 21g/P 40g) - Ground beef with baby baker potatoes [West of TX Only]

Basic Beef with Green Beans and Red Potatoes - (Cal 330  F 10g/C 30g/P 30g) - Ground beef, green beans, and red potatoes [West of TX Only]

Basic Big Beef and Veggies - (Cal 290  F 11g/C 8g/P 40g) - Shredded beef and stir fry veggies [West of TX Only]

Basic Chicken with Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes  - (Cal 260  F 3g/C 25g/P 25g) -Diced chicken with brussel sprouts and sweet potato chunks [West of TX Only]

Basic Chicken with Veggies and Rice - (Cal 281  F 5g/C 34g/P 25g) - Grilled nuggets with broccoli, carrots, green beans, peppers and brown rice [West of TX Only]

Basic Popcorn Chicken with Sweet Potatoes - (Cal 574  F 22g/C 60g/P 34g) - Breaded chicken chunks with sweet potatoes [West of TX Only]

Basic Shredded Steak with Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes  - (Cal 271  F 7g/C 24g/P 28g) - Shredded steak with broccoli florets and sweet potato chunks [West of TX Only]

Basic Steak with Green Beans and Rice - (Cal 348  F 8g/C 42g/P 27g) - Shredded steak, brown rice, and green beans [West of TX Only]

         *** If you order a meal not offered in your area, we will substitute it with another meal you selected ***



Specials are run through-out the month with limited availability. Specials are available only through the Build Your Own Meal Plan option. *If you don't see the special meal available there then we are sold out. 

Aussie Chicken - (Cal 470  F 16g/C 48g/P 34g) - Honey mustard chicken with bacon, cheddar cheese, and broccoli over mashed potatoes

Beef & Broccoli - (Cal 360  F 8g/C 44g/P 28g) - Beef & broccoli with sliced carrots over brown rice

Burrito Bowl - (Cal 440  F 18g/C 45g/P 24g) - Ground beef in taco seasoning w/ corn and black bean salsa, pico, and cheese over brown rice

BBQ Beef Mac & Cheese - (Cal 430  F 15g/C 40g/P 30g) - Shredded beef in bbq sauce with mac & cheese

BBQ Chicken Red Potato - (Cal 320  F 5g/C 30g/P 38g) - BBQ Chicken with peppers and onions over diced red potatoes

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese - (Cal 430  F 12g/C 35g/P 47g) - Diced chicken in buffalo sauce with a side of mac & cheese

Cheesy Beef - (Cal 420  F 19g/C 34g/P 28g) - Ground beef in cheese sauce over pasta

Chicken Adobo - (Cal 440  F 9g/C 40g/P 42g) - Chicken, corn and peppers in an adobo sauce over an ancient grains blend

Keto Outback Burger - (Cal 480  F 36g/C 19g/P 20g) - Beef burger with fry sauce and onion rings with green beans  [West of TX Only]

Keto Ancho Chicken Fajita - (Cal 339  F 19g/C 12g/P 30g) - Diced chicken with peppers, tomatoes and onions in ancho sauce over diced cauliflower

Keto Pepperjack Bacon Chicken  - (Cal 310  F 16g/C 10g/P 26g) - Chicken and bacon over pepper, onions and green beans with pepperjack cheese

Keto Swedish Meatballs - (Cal 370  F 26g/C 13g/P 21g) - Beef meatballs in gravy with green beans over cauliflower rice

BBQ Cheeseburger Meatloaf - (Cal 470  F 25g/C 40g/P 22g) - Beef meatloaf with BBQ sauce and shredded cheese over sweet potato fries [West of TX Only]

Salisbury Steak - (Cal 302  F 14g/C 21g/P 23g) - Beef burger with fry sauce and onion rings with green beans  [West of TX Only]

Western Burger w/ Chipotle Wedges - (Cal 470  F 25g/C 40g/P 22g) - Beef burger with pepperjack cheese, onion ring, and bbq sauce with potato wedges [West of TX Only]

Chicken Totchos - (Cal 440  F 12g/C 45g/P 37g) - Chicken in bbq sauce with shredded cheese, tomatoes, and green onion over sweet potato tots

Honey Mustard Chicken - (Cal 418  F 14g/C 42g/P 31g) - Chicken in honey mustard with broccoli and potato chunks

Jamaican Jerk Chicken - (Cal 350  F 6g/C 44g/P 30g) - Chicken tossed in jerk sauce over brown rice with broccoli and pineapple salsa

Meat N’ Taterz - (Cal 420  F 20g/C 26g/P 33g) - Shredded beef over creamy, cheesy potatoes

Queso Beef Potato - (Cal 460  F 25g/C 45g/P 26g) - Ground beef, peppers and onions in queso sauce over red potato chunks

Sesame Chicken - (Cal 390  F 10g/C 45g/P 31g) - Chicken in sesame sauce with broccoli over white rice