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    Here is a list of all the meals that we are currently preparing in our kitchens. The menu changes monthly.



    Breakfast Meals

    Basic Breakfast - (Cal 400  F 20g/C 28g/P 27g) - Egg omelette, turkey sausage and french toast sticks

    Chicken and the Egg - (Cal 331  F 18g/C 38g/P 20g) - Popcorn chicken over an egg omelette with hashbrowns and shredded cheese

    Huevos Rancheros - (Cal 354  F 18g/C 32g/P 16g) - Egg white omelette over breakfast potatoes with salsa and avocado crema


    Lunch & Dinner Meals 

     A1® Steakhouse Bowl - (Cal 391  F 23g/C 24g/P 22g) - Beef in A1® sauce with crispy onion straws, a sprinkle of swiss cheese over potatoes

    BBQ Chicken Wet Burrito Bowl - (Cal 422  F 14g/C 40g/P 34g) - Chicken breast, black beans and pickled red onion over brown rice with bbq sauce and cheese

    Cheesy Beef and Macaroni - (Cal 446  F 22g/C 34g/P 28g) - Ground beef in cheese sauce over whole wheat pasta

    Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl - (Cal 339  F 7g/C 31g/P 38g) - Diced chicken breast with mashed potatoes, corn and cheese in a pepper gravy

    Chicken Spinach Lasagna - (Cal 366  F 10g/C 37g/P 32g) - Chicken and spinach layered in lasagna noodles with cheese and marinara

    5-Cheese Chicken Parm - (Cal 362  F 6g/C 42g/P 35g) - Chicken over whole wheat pasta with marinara and a 5-cheese blend

    Frito Steak Chili - (Cal 394  F 10g/C 48g/P 28g)  - Steak chili over brown rice with a sprinkle of cheese and topped with Fritos

    Meatball Pita - (Cal 522  F 26g/C 44g/P 28g) - Beef meatballs in a pita with marinara and mozzarella cheese

    Mandarin Orange Chicken - (Cal 390  F 6g/C 63g/P 21g) - Popcorn chicken tossed in mandarin orange sauce with broccoli and carrots over brown rice

    Pizzalini - (Cal 502  F 22g/C 52g/P 24g) - Cheese tortellini with sausage and pepperoni in tomato sauce

    Sriracha Creme Chicken - (Cal 362  F 10g/C 40g/P 28g) - Chicken in a creamy sriracha sauce with broccoli over brown rice

    Twisted Taco Beef Fries - (Cal 457  F 25g/C 30g/P 28g) - Shredded beef over french fries with jalapeno ranch and shredded cheese


    Keto Meals

    Keto American Bacon Burger - (Cal 428  F 32g/C 10g/P 25g) - Cheeseburger with bacon, fried onions and sauce over green beans

    Keto Black and Bleu Prime Rib - (Cal 504  F 36g/C 10g/P 32g) - Sliced prime rib with brussel sprouts, mushrooms and a sprinkle of bleu cheese

    Keto Blooming Onion Chicken - (Cal 436  F 32g/C 10g/P 27g) - Creamy chicken over green beans with crispy onion straws

    Keto Chicken Bacon Alfredo - (Cal 356  F 20g/C 12g/P 32g) - Chicken in alfredo sauce over broccoli with bacon bits, parmesan cheese, and parsley

    Keto Chicken Enchilada - (Cal 319  F 15g/C 10g/P 36g) - Diced chicken breast with cheese and salsa over cauliflower rices

    Keto White BBQ Chicken - (Cal 408  F 32g/C 9g/P 21g) - Chicken in a white bbq sauce over green beans


    Basic Meals (None of the Big 8 Allergens)

    Beef w/ Baker Potatoes - (Cal 396  F 24g/C 21g/P 24g) - Ground beef, baby potatoes

    Chicken w/ Broccoli & Rice - (Cal 380  F 8g/C 45g/P 32g) - Diced chicken breast, blanched broccoli, brown rice

    Chicken w/ Broccoli & Sweet Potato - (Cal 263  F 3g/C 28g/P 31g) - Diced Chicken breast, blanched broccoli, sweet potato chunks

    Chicken w/ Kale Grain Blend - (Cal 225  F 5/C 20g/P 25g) - Chicken, asparagus, kale grain blend

    Steak w/ Green Beans & Potatoes - (Cal 272  F 8g/C 24g/P 26g) - Shredded steak, blanched green beans and diced potatoes

    Steak w/ Green Beans & Rice - (Cal 348  F 8g/C 42g/P 27g) - Shredded steak, blanched green beans, and brown rice

    *** If you order a meal not offered in your area, we will substitute it with another meal you selected ***


    Specials are run through-out the month with limited availability. Specials are available only through the Build Your Own Meal Plan option. *If you don't see the special meal available there then we are sold out.