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    Here is a list of all the meals that we are currently prepping in our kitchen. The menu changes every 6-8 weeks.

  • Italian Beef - (Cal 353 F 9g/C 42g/P 26g)
  • Shredded beef and peppers over brown rice with mozzarella cheese
  • Meatball Marinara - (Cal 464 F 20g/C 45g/P 26g)
    Grass-fed beef meatballs over whole wheat pasta in marinara sauce with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese
    Chili Cheese Tots - (Cal 427 F 15g/C 23g/P 30g)
    Turkey chili over sweet potato tots with a sprinkle of cheese
    Honey Mustard Chicken - (Cal 396 F 12g/C 34g/P 38g)
    Chicken tossed in honey mustard with red potato chunks and broccoli
    Monterey Chicken - (Cal 294 F 6g/C 18g/P 42g)
    Chicken and bacon tossed in bbq sauce with a sprinkle of cheese and broccoli
    The Arnold Steak Wrap (Cal 516 F 16g/C 58g/P 35g)
    A whole wheat wrap with shredded beef, peppers, mushrooms and rice with mozzarella cheese and our Clean Eatz buffalo sauce.
    Bacon Burger - (Cal 413 F 17g/C 38g/P 27g)
    A beef burger with turkey bacon on a whole wheat roll with sweet potato fries
    Eggroll in a Bowl - (Cal 429 F 13g/C 46g/P 32g)
    Ground turkey with Asian veggies in soy sauce over brown rice
    Carnitas Bowl - (Cal 419 F 11/C 40g/P 40g)
    Pulled pork with black beans, cotija cheese, and salsa verde over brown rice
    Fiesta Fit Chicken - (Cal 443 F 7g/ C 46g/P 49g)
    Baked chicken with black beans, corn, rice and peppers in salsa over brown rice.
    Cajun Chicken Alfredo (Cal 399 F 7g/C 43g/P 41g)
    Baked chicken in a zesty Alfredo sauce with peppers and onions over whole wheat pasta.
    Sweet N Sour Chicken (Cal 290 F 6g/C 37g/P 20g)
    Breaded chicken tossed in sweet nā€™ sour sauce with a side of broccoli

    Bacon & Cheese Omelette (Cal 315 F 11g/C 33g/P 20g)
    Egg white omelet with turkey bacon and cheddar. Served with sweet potato pancakes.
    Steak and Eggs (Cal 270 F 6g/C 21g/P 32g)
    Diced eggs and shredded beef served over hash browns.
    French Toast (Cal 370 F 18g/C 26g/P 26g)
    Whole wheat french toast with turkey sausage links and two fried eggs

    Keto Beef (Cal 307 F 19g/C 8g/P 26g)
    Shredded beef with garlic and herb green beans and slivered almonds
    Keto Chicken (Cal 300 F 16g/C 7g/P 32g)
    Pulled chicken thighs with a spicy broccoli in soy sauce
    Keto Enchilada (Cal 324 F 12g/C 10g/P 44g)
    Chicken and cheese over cauliflower rice with salsa and cilantro.