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    BBQ Chicken w/ Red Potatoes (Cal 285 F 3.5g/C 27g/P 37g/)
    Baked chicken with tri-color peppers and onions tossed in a sweet bbq sauce and served with a side of chunked red potatoes. 
    Grass-Fed Beef Meatloaf - (Cal 342 F 14g/C 32g/P 22g)
    A grass-fed beef meatloaf with green beans and mashed sweet potatoes.
    General Tso’s Chicken - (Cal 348 F 4g/C 38g/P 40g)
    Baked chicken in General Tso’s sauce with broccoli over brown rice.
    Hibachi Chicken - (Cal 376 F 8g/C 38g/P 38g)
    Baked chicken with onions and zucchini in Yum Yum Sauce over brown rice.
    Cheeseburger Bowl - (Cal 443 F 17g/C 46g/P 26g)
    Lean ground beef with chopped red onion and dill pickles with monterey jack cheese over brown rice
    Hot Honey Meatballs - (Cal 436 F 16g/C 43g/P 30g)
    Grass-fed beef meatballs in a sweet spicy glaze with broccoli over brown rice.
    Steak and Potatoes - (Cal 288 F 8g/C 33g/P 21g)
    Shredded steak in A1 Sauce with tri-colored peppers and a side of red potatoes.
    Pepperoni Chicken Parm - (Cal 490 F 10/C 48g/P 52g)
    Baked chicken tossed in Clean Eatz Marinara served over whole wheat pasta and topped with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.
    Mashed Potato Bowl - (Cal 308 F 8/C 21g/P 38g)
    Baked chicken over mashed potatoes with corn, shredded cheese and a light gravy.
    Cheesy Beef and Macaroni (Cal 361 F 15g/ C 34g/P 23g)
    Lean ground beef over whole wheat pasta with cheese sauce.
    Chicken Fried Rice (Cal 379 F 7g/C 38g/P 41g)
    A healthy version of the classic. Chicken tossed with peas, carrots, and scrambled egg in our stir fry sauce served over brown rice.
    The Arnold Steak Wrap (Cal 506 F 14g/C 62g/P 33g)
    Our signature wrap. A tomato-basil wrap with shredded beef, peppers, mushrooms with mozzarella cheese and our Clean Eatz buffalo sauce.
    Bacon & Cheese Omelette (Cal 315 F 11g/C 33g/P 20g)
    Egg white omelette with turkey bacon and cheddar. Served with sweet potato pancakes.
    Steak and Eggs (Cal 270 F 6g/C 21g/P 32g)
    Diced eggs and shredded beef served over hash browns.
    Paleo Breakfast Bowl (Cal 374 F 18g/C 31g/P 12g)
    Egg whites and turkey sausage served with a side of sweet potatoes tossed with apple slices and pecans.
    Keto Beef (Cal 216 F 8g/C 8g/P 28g)
    Shredded beef with broccoli and cauliflower
    Keto Chicken (Cal 268 F 12g/C 8g/P 32g)
    Shredded chicken thighs with a medley of low-carb vegetables
    Keto Chili (Cal 287 F 15g/C 15g/P 23g)
    Our ground beef chili served over green beans