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    Here is a list of all the meals that we are currently preparing in our kitchens. The menu changes monthly.  Some meals may not be available in certain locations.

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    Breakfast Meals

    Chipotle Breakfast Bowl - (Cal 438  F 26g/C 24g/P 27g) - Scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, and potatoes with a chipotle sauce drizzle

    Chicken & The Egg - (Cal 331  F 18g/C 38g/P 20g) - Scrambled eggs, chicken nuggets and hash browns with a sprinkle of cheese

    Loaded Hash Brown Bowl - (Cal 444  F 24g/C 32g/P 25g) - Egg omelette with bacon and gravy over hash browns

    Steak and Eggs - (Cal 381  F 17g/C 26g/P 31g) - Scrambled eggs with shredded beef and diced potatoes


    Lunch & Dinner Meals 

    The Arnold Steak Bowl - (Cal 390  F 14g/C 38g/P 28g) - Steak, green peppers and mushrooms over brown rice with mozzarella cheese and Clean Eatz Buffalo Sauce

    BBQ Chicken - (Cal 308  F 4g/C 30g/P 38g) - BBQ Chicken with peppers and onions over diced red potatoes

    Buffalo Chicken Mac-N-Cheese - (Cal 454  F 14g/C 35g/P 47g) - Buffalo chicken served with a side of whole wheat mac-n-cheese

    Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl - (Cal 339  F 7g/C 31g/P 38g) - Baked chicken with corn and monterey jack cheese in a light gravy over mashed potatoes 

    Cheeseburger Bowl - (Cal 453  F 17g/C 49g/P 26g) - Ground beef with chopped red onion and dill pickle chips with monterey jack cheese over brown rice

    Cheesy Beef and Macaroni - (Cal 446  F 22g/C 34g/P 28g) - Ground beef in cheese sauce over whole wheat pasta

    Frito Chicken Pie - (Cal 398  F 10g/C 46g/P 31g) - Chicken chili over brown rice with fritos and shredded cheese\

    General Tso’s Chicken - (Cal 374  F 6g/C 39g/P 41g) - Chicken in General Tso’s sauce with stir-fry veggies over brown rice

    Honey Mustard Chicken - (Cal 418  F 14g/C 42g/P 31g) - Chicken in honey mustard with broccoli and potato chunks

    Philly Cheesesteak Pasta - (Cal 478  F 18g/C 40g/P 39g) - Shredded steak, peppers and onions with mozzarella cheese over whole wheat pasta

    Pineapple Pork Carnitas Taco - (Cal 447  F 19g/C 30g/P 39g) - Pulled pork with pineapple salsa, crumbled cheese in a corn tortilla with refried beans

    Sesame Chicken - (Cal 358  F 6g/C 45g/P 31g) - Chicken in a sweet sesame sauce with broccoli over white rice

    Shrimp Alfredo Lasagna - (Cal 398  F 14g/C 44g/P 24g) - Spinach and cheese lasagna with shrimp in a creamy alfredo sauce

    Teriyaki Steak - (Cal 437  F 13g/C 48g/P 32g) - Shredded steak with Asian veggies in teriyaki sauce over brown rice


    Keto Meals

    Keto Buffalo Chicken - (Cal 432  F 28g/C 9g/P 36g) - Buffalo chicken with cheese and ranch over broccoli

    Keto Cheesy Beef Taco - (Cal 317  F 21g/C 7g/P 25g) - Ground beef in enchilada sauce over cauliflower rice with shredded cheese

    Keto Chicken Cordon Bleu - (Cal 356  F 20g/C 10g/P 34g) - Chicken, ham and swiss in a hollandaise sauce over green beans

    Keto Crack Chicken - (Cal 449  F 25g/C 12g/P 44g) - Chicken in a creamy, cheesy sauce with bacon over broccoli florets

    Keto Mariachi Chicken - (Cal 412  F 28g/C 12g/P 28g) - Chicken in a creamy chili lime sauce with fire roasted tomatoes over broccoli

    Keto Shredded Steak   - (Cal 300  F 28g/C 14g/P 34g) - Shredded steak served with cheesy cauliflower and onion straws


    Basic Meals 

    Beef w/ Baby Baker Potatoes - (Cal 396  F 24g/C 21g/P 40g) - Ground beef with baby baker potatoes

    Chicken w/ Broccoli and Rice - (Cal 344  F 4g/C 45g/P 3g) - Diced chicken with brown rice and broccoli florets

    Chicken w/ Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes - (Cal 263  F 3g/C 28g/P 31g) - Diced chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli florets

    Chicken w/ Asparagus and Ancient Grains - (Cal 225  F 5g/C 20g/P 25g) - Chicken and ancient grain blend with asparagus

    Steak w/ Green Beans and Red Potatoes - (Cal 272  F 8g/C 24g/P 26g) - Shredded beef with diced red potatoes and green beans

    Steak w/ Green Beans and Rice - (Cal 348 F 8g/C 42g/P 27g) - Shredded beef with brown rice, and green beans

             *** If you order a meal not offered in your area, we will substitute it with another meal you selected ***


    Sloppy Joe Sweet Potato - (Cal 332  F 12g/C 28g/P 28g) - Traditional ground beef sloppy joe served over sweet potato chunks

    Shrimp Alfredo Lasagna - (Cal 398  F 14g/C 44g/P 24g) - Spinach and cheese lasagna with shrimp in a creamy alfredo sauce

    LC Balsamic Peach Chicken - (Cal 223  F 3g/C 26g/P 23g) - Chicken, green beans and red potatoes in a sweet, balsamic glaze

    LC Green Goddess Chicken Bowl - (Cal 352  F 16g/C 21g/P 39g) - Pulled chicken and veggies in green goddess dressing over an ancient grain blend

    LC Monterey Chicken - (Cal 308  F 8g/C 24g/P 35g) - Chicken and bacon tossed in bbq sauce with a sprinkle of cheese over broccoli


    Queso Chicken Pasta - (Cal 482  F 18g/C 48g/P 32g) - Chicken and fire-roasted veggies in queso over whole grain penne pasta

    Chicken Adobo - (Cal 409  F 9g/C 40g/P 42g) - Chicken, corn and peppers in an adobo sauce over an ancient grains blend

    BBQ Beef Mac & Cheese - (Cal 427  F 15g/C 43g/P 30g) - Chicken and fire-roasted veggies in queso over whole grain penne pasta

    Aussie Chicken - (Cal 470  F 16g/C 48g/P 34g) - Honey mustard chicken with bacon, cheddar cheese, and broccoli over mashed potatoes


    Specials are run through-out the month with limited availability. Specials are available only through the Build Your Own Meal Plan option. *If you don't see the special meal available there then we are sold out.