House Recipe: Turn Your Kitchen Into a Restaurant

House Recipe: Turn Your Kitchen Into a Restaurant

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The days of dining out might be on temporary hold, but there are ways to shake your family from their “Stay Home” funk at mealtime. We’ve cooked up a few ideas to restaurantify your kitchen and tell isolation to shove off – Clean Eatz style!

Taste Test Tapas
This super simple setup isn’t just fun, but also will get everyone trying different foods. Pick 5 of your favorite family meals. Put a serving of each on small plates, turning the dining room table into a sampling station. Add an extra touch by printing out a menu that explains each dish, letting your crew try the one at a time. Don’t forget to include Paleo Fudge or CE Buckeye bites as closer!

Dinner & A Movie
Everyone loves great food and entertainment. Set up a movie-themed dinner night. Maybe an Arnold Wrap Party? Just serve ’em up and cue the Terminator-Predator double feature. Or how about Bowling Night, where everyone builds their own and watches The Big Lebowski? Get creative with your flick selections, and we’ll make sure you have a tasty supporting cast!

Pizza Party
Grab some Clean Crust Cauliflower Pizzas and let the pies fly. This healthy, DELICIOUS buffet of cheesy goodness is sure to get the family feeling good. Transform your dining room setting with a plastic, red-and-white checkered tablecloth. Throw on some Italian music, put out the pepper flakes mill, and dim the lights… You’ll swear you’re eating at one of the city’s best pizza joints.

Food Trivia
They say you are what you eat, and this idea makes sure they know the ingredients to living life in the moment. Pick 5 to 7 family meals or café menu items. Desserts count too! Make sure you get a range of different flavors, as each will guide the line of questioning. Here are few themed trivia examples you can use in addition to general food facts:

  • Try to list the ingredients of a meal based on taste.
  • Name a movie or song that references the main ingredient of a meal.
  • List five other dishes that use the main ingredient of a meal.

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