Clean Eatz Kitchen - What We're All About

Clean Eatz Kitchen - What We're All About

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Clean Eatz was founded in 2013 by our founders to provide a healthy alternative to eating out. We started with a single cafe in Wilmington, NC. From there, we've grown to many cafes in multiple states serving healthy meal plans, custom meal prep, cafe, smoothies, and supplements

In 2017, we started shipping meal plans to customers' houses. Our meal plans center around a macro-based approach to eating. We are focused on the macronutrients in each meal - Fats, Carbohydrates, and Protein. Our meals are formulated with a balance of macros in each meal to fill you up while helping you achieve your health and weight-loss goals. 

We offer a variety of meal plans and wholesale meal plan options for you to choose from. 

  • Build Your Own Meal Plan Our most popular meal plan allows you to choose each meal we send you. 
  • Weight Loss Meal PlanIf you are new to Clean Eatz and not a picky eater, we can craft a meal plan for you with the intention of helping you lose weight. When you chose the Weight Loss Meal Plan, our team will choose a variety of meals to send you that will be within our guidelines for a healthy diet. Most customers start with the Weight Loss Meal Plan. Once they learn what they like on our menu, they then use the Build Your Own Meal Plan to order specific meals
  • Keto Diet Meal PlanFor those customers who are interested in following a Ketosis (Keto) diet, we have put our keto meal options all in one place. Our keto meals derive the majority of the calorie count from fat with low amounts of carbs and protein to encourage one's body to enter a state of ketosis. 
  • Gluten-Free Meal PlanFor those customers with gluten intolerance, we have put all our gluten-free options in one place. We source our ingredient data only from FDA and USDA approved suppliers. If you have very serious celiac disease, we encourage you to read the ingredients on our packaging to make sure the meals will fit your dietary restrictions
  • Weight-Gain High Protein Meal PlanFor those customers looking to gain weight, our weight-gain meal plan allows you to choose 4 of our regular meals and choose to add an "Extra Protein" as your 5th meal. You will receive four regular meal plans and the 5th container of just protein that can be distributed to the other containers. 
  • Family Meals - We recently introduced family meals to allow our customers to have a simple, healthy dinner for a family of four. The serving size of the meal is designed to feed two adult and two children. The meal can be heated in the microwave or oven. 
  • Wholesale Meal Plans in Bulk - We provide bulk meals to businesses and individuals alike. You can order meal plans and bulk and save. 
  • Protein Pizzas - Our protein pizzas are the perfect cheat meal. You're not even cheating! They are a balance of fat, carbs, and protein on a gluten-free cauliflower crust to give you the feeling of eating pizza without any of the guilt!
  • Dessert Bars - Our dessert bars are the perfect sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth without getting you off-track. 

Our menu changes every month to keep dieting and healthy meal prepping interesting and engaging. 

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