How to Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

How to Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

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How to Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Having a goal to lose weight when you know you should is always a good thing to pursue. You’ll feel much better with each pound that you lose. You’ll begin to have more energy, fit into your clothing better, and have fewer body aches and pains.

However, if you have a lot of weight to lose, you may be leaving something behind; loose skin. This loose skin can certainly diminish the improvement in how your body looks from all your hard work. 

It can also be very uncomfortable if not painful to carry around all that skin. It can make it hard to workout. You can get rashes, irritation, and other undesirable body effects. 

Although loose skin is something that you can’t guarantee won’t happen, there are some effective techniques of how to avoid loose skin after weight loss, which we’ll share with you here.

Tips on How to Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss

If you are worried that your skin will be saggy after you lose weight, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Gradually Lose Weight - It’s never a good idea to lose weight too fast. The body needs time to adjust to your new body weight and so does your skin. In fact, if you lose weight too fast, chances are you’ll regain all the weight you’ve lost because your body can’t maintain that level of constant weight loss. Your metabolism will be shot and not to mention, your skin won’t have time to “bounce back” as it were.

  • Eat to Nourish Your Skin - Not only will your diet help you to lose weight, but if you are eating the right kind of foods, you can also help to keep your skin from sagging after you’ve lost all that weight. What kind of foods help keep skin tight? Aim to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables of all different colors. These will deliver a healthy dose of all the necessary vitamins and minerals to your skin. You should also include some healthy fats in your diet. These include avocados, nuts, flaxseed, and fatty fish. Eating a diet like this is how to avoid loose skin after weight loss.
  • Internal and External Hydration - Your skin is a very thirsty organ. It requires constant hydration to be at its best health. You can apply a good moisturizer to the surface of the skin but you have many layers of your skin. To reach them all you need to hydrate from the inside out as well. Drinking lots of water is the best way to ensure your skin has plenty of hydration but there are some tastier versions of liquid to drink that will also help your skin stay moisturized. Green tea is a good choice since it contains some anti-aging antioxidants. Adding hydrolyzed collagen to your drink of choice can also help to keep your skin supple and less saggy. There are some firming skin creams on the market that may make a difference but make sure to look at the reviews before spending your money. 
  • Protect Your Skin - By taking precautions to ensure that your skin doesn’t undergo any further damage, you can minimize sagging skin. The most effective way how to avoid loose skin after weight loss is to live a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right, staying active, protecting your skin from the sun’s rays and not smoking.


If you’ve been worrying about how to avoid loose skin after weight loss, hopefully, your worries have been put to rest. 

If you lose weight gradually, provide your skin with the right nutrition and hydration, while protecting it from any damaging effects, you’ll reduce the amount of loose skin you will see from your weight loss.

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