Clean Eatz Kitchen Partners with UPS for Nationwide Distribution

Jason Nista
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Clean Eatz Kitchen Partners with UPS for Nationwide Distribution

(Wilmington, NC) - September 21, 2021 - Clean Eatz Kitchen is excited to announce their new partnership with UPS to deliver their healthy, prepared meals nationwide.

“Reliability is a cornerstone of our success”, says CEO Jason Nista. “When we hand our packages off to a carrier, we have to be certain the carrier can meet their time-in-transit promises. We have tens of thousands of customers who rely on our meals for nourishment each week and we have to be able to deliver their food to them on-time, everytime”

COVID has presented new challenges to Clean Eatz Kitchen. With the entire supply chain congested; receiving, processing and fulfilling orders has become a more dynamic process based on market availability. “We’ve had to evaluate every contract we have with every supplier and if they weren’t the most reliable option, we’ve had to seek out more reliable business partners,” says Nista, “Reliability is the #1 factor in this environment”

With UPS, Clean Eatz Kitchen is looking to improve their on-time fulfillment rates from 85% to over 95% and provide reliable, on-time fulfillment through the peak season. 

Clean Eatz Kitchen has four distribution centers serviced by UPS - two in Wilmington, NC and on each in St. Louis, MO and Salt Lake City, UT. 

About Clean Eatz Kitchen

Clean Eatz Kitchen (, headquartered in Wilmington, NC, is a market-leader in ready-to-eat meal plans sold DTC and through traditional brick and mortar. Clean Eatz meals focus on a healthy balance of fats, carbs and protein at a price point everyone can afford.


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