The Benefits of Yoga

The Benefits of Yoga

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The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a very popular health and fitness trend for its benefits of feeling more centered and doing some mindfulness practice, some sort of movement mediation which on its own is already highly beneficial for improving wellbeing and overall health.

However, the benefits of yoga don’t end there and it can be a very powerful tool in our journey to maintaining a healthy weight and feeling better every day. Today we look into the research on how yoga can help us with our weight loss goals and more importantly to live a healthy and thriving life.


Yoga can be good for everyone but it is worth mentioning some specific populations that might get even greater benefits from striking the poses daily. Some of these are:

But the benefits are not limited to those specific populations, there are several proven benefits for everyone such as…


There are many ways in which yoga can help you get into better shape and improve your overall health in the process. Some of these benefits are: 


So as you can see there are tons of benefits for your health and your weight loss goals from frequent yoga practice. If you’re interested in giving it a try keep in mind our main takeaways:

  • Always consult with your main health care provider to give you clearance to start a new training program and to advise some cautions specific to your unique situation.

  • Always start gradually and at your own pace when trying a new form of physical training. It would also be very smart to seek a professional trainer to teach you the basics and make sure your form is good.

  • Always experiment and see what works best for you. There are several different modalities of yoga and you are more likely to find one that suits your abilities and goals best and then make your practice your own.

  • You can start with as little as 10-20 minutes daily to start getting the benefits of yoga and then adjust intensity and duration according to your capacity and goals. Do what works best for you based on the results you’re getting and be ready to change the course of action if necessary.

  • It might be a great idea to keep a journal of your yoga practice, specifically the benefits you feel from it. This is even more important if you’re engaged in yoga for it’s specific benefits to some health conditions like diabetes or arthritis.

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