Are Oranges Good for Weight Loss?

Are Oranges Good for Weight Loss?

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Are Oranges Good for Weight Loss?

Winter is coming, and oranges are going to be in season! Everyone loves this fruit for its sweet and sour flavor, and now you have even more reason to give it a try this year, right?

Can oranges help you lose weight? You can never go wrong with eating fruits for those who want to trim their waistlines and strengthen their muscles. 

In this article, we will introduce how oranges can do wonders for your body weight. We will explain how it helps with weight loss and how to best enjoy it.

What are oranges?

Citrus sinensis is the scientific name for oranges; they are members of the Rutaceae family, which also includes lemons, limes, grapefruits, and mandarins. The United States, Brazil, and China all rank high in the global production of this fruit. Juice concentrates or fresh oranges are two common uses for oranges after harvest.

What is the nutrient profile of oranges?

Like other citrus fruits, oranges are adored throughout much of Asia for their potential therapeutic benefits. Maybe you, too, have experienced grabbing an orange while down with a cold. 

This may be because oranges are excellent sources of Vitamin C that helps fight infection. Oranges contain few calories (60 calories for a medium-sized orange) but are packed with bioactive compounds such as flavonoids, carotenoids, and essential oils. These compounds are known for their anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Do oranges help with losing weight?

Given their high vitamin density, you may wonder if oranges also aid in weight loss. Assuming that you want a short answer, the answer is yes. Eating oranges is associated with not only weight loss but also protection from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

To lose weight successfully, however, one must limit themselves to eating only fresh orange fruit. Fruit juices are a better choice than a soda, but store-bought orange juice may still be high in sugar and calories. If cutting calories is your main priority, a glass of fresh orange juice might not be the best option.

How can oranges help you lose weight?

Fruits have traditionally played a crucial role in weight loss diets. Their sweetness comes from natural sugars and is also high in fiber and nutritional value. Though you should incorporate fruits in your diet because they are healthful and nutritious, some fruits are particularly effective at reducing fat.

Aside from vitamins, oranges are also rich sources of fiber due to their high pectin concentration. Because it lacks both saturated fats and cholesterol, orange is also a good choice for anyone trying to shed pounds in a healthy way.

So how exactly do oranges help with weight loss? Due to their high water and fiber content, oranges can help regulate bowel movement, which reduces bloating. In addition, fiber-rich foods are more filling leaving less room for calorie consumption. According to research, dietary fiber is recommended for overweight and obese individuals to help control their food intake through satiety. 

A study explored the potential of citrus fruits in treating obesity and metabolic disorders. It was found that flavonoids (which, as mentioned, is bioactive compound oranges have) are effective in reversing obesity among overweight test mice. It was also observed that harmful plaque buildup in the arteries was reduced. 

Specifically, the study mentioned the flavonoids nobiletin and naringenin, which are both found in oranges. These compounds can help counteract obesity and its symptoms, as well as reduce body fat and regulate blood glucose. 

It is also interesting to note that nobiletin in oranges also helps enhance the sleep cycle. This is especially helpful as poor sleep quality is associated with the development of obesity.

Another study on the blood orange variant suggests its positive effect on weight management and body fat reduction among overweight individuals. The anthocyanin and cyanidin 3-glucoside content of blood oranges are responsible for their weight and fat loss properties. 

How to enjoy oranges for weight loss

Now that we know how beneficial oranges are for weight loss, there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into one's diet.

When compared to other snack food options, oranges are much better for you because they are low in sugar and calories. It was stated that the high fiber content of oranges is enough to satisfy hunger without causing feelings of guilt.

Another way is to incorporate orange slices as an ingredient in salads and desserts. Substituting oranges for high-calorie foods is a great way to save calories without sacrificing flavor.

The orange can be eaten raw if you're in a rush and don't have time to prepare a meal. Nothing beats snacking on fresh orange fruits to shed pounds quickly and easily. You might combine it with oatmeal for even more fiber in the morning.

Take Away

To put it simply, oranges are another member of the Citrus family of fruits. This vitamin- and bioactive-compound-rich fruit is abundant in many different countries. These aid in the treatment of infections, the prevention of diseases, and the reversal of obesity.

Oranges aid in weight loss by decreasing bloating, increasing fullness, accelerating fat burning, and enhancing sleep quality. Oranges are a healthy and delicious addition to many weight loss diets. In order to reach your weight loss goals, you need only devise the most effective diet and exercise strategy.

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