How Important is Drinking Water to Health?

How Important is Drinking Water to Health?

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We've all heard it: "DRINK MORE WATER!" but why is water so important to our weight loss goals and how does our water intake effect our overall health and well-being? The Mayo Clinic prescribes 11 cups of water for women and 15 cups of water for men per day. And that's before doing any exercise! Are you getting enough?

Why is drinking water good for you?

-Transportation of nutrients
-Healthy digestion
-Helping your brain function more efficiently 
-Regulates temperature
-Brightens skin
-Boosts energy and mood
Have your joints felt tight? Well water lubricates your joints and tissues!
Have you felt dizzy or a decrease at the gym or your daily activities when it comes to your power, strength, focus and endurance? During physical activity you may sweat up to 6-10% of your bodyweight! Guess what? Dehydration can cause all the symptoms I spoke of above. Sick of hearing about water yet...bare with me just a little more...
You can increase your water intake by certain foods! Celery, cucumbers green peppers are all great choices but also portabella mushrooms, cauliflower, spinach and broccoli are too! 
Our Arnold Bowl has bell peppers ready to help increase that H2O! Some other delicious meals include:
Sweet N Sour Chicken ( broccoli ), Chicken w/ broccoli and rice, Chicken w/ sweet potatoes and broccoli, and the Keto Ancho Fajita Bowl!
Let's hydrate together!

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