Nutty Beef Jerky Trail Mix

Nutty Beef Jerky Trail Mix

Crystal Zabka-Belsky
1 minute read


½ c honey-roasted peanuts

¼ c beef jerky

¼ c chocolate peanut candies

¼ c dried pineapple

¼ dried craisins

Directions: Combine all ingredients and divide evenly into four separate containers.

Health Benefits: Packing in 8 grams of protein and only 212 kcal, this sweet and salty trail mix is the perfect go-to for people who can’t decide if they want a sweet treat or savory snack! It hits the sweet spot in two ways with chocolate and dried pineapple; cranberries, all while providing a satisfying dose of protein aimed at helping you feel full. The additional nutritional benefits of this high-protein, high-fiber trail mix include midday workout recovery, enhanced digestion, stabilized blood sugar and improved immunity.

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