Tips to Stay Healthy as a Busy Parent

Tips to Stay Healthy as a Busy Parent

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The key to getting and staying healthy as a busy parent is to examine your daily routine and set goals for yourself to focus on your health and self-care.

Be Intentional:

The first step to being healthy as a busy parent is to make your health intentional. And it will only take you 2 minutes to do this!

First, jot down what it means to you to be a “healthy parent”. This looks different to every parent!

Second, look at those things you just wrote and make a list of things you can do to make them possible!

Now, you’re not only saying you want to be healthy, but you’re taking actionable steps to make it a reality!

At Clean Eatz we're all about being intentional with the balance of nutrients we place into our meals to not only help you on your health journey but also as a busy parent needing something quick. If you're looking for prepared meals, our meal delivery service can help make things so much easier for you! 

Make it Work for Your Schedule:

Now that you jotted down what it means to you to be a healthy parent and wrote down some action steps, it’s time to make it a reality!

Take 5 minutes to look at your daily schedule and routines. Where can you realistically add sections throughout your day where you can focus on your health and self-care? Put it on the calendar and make it stick!

Say "YES!" to fitness:

One of the greatest things you can do for health is to keep your body moving! But the truth is, a lot of busy parents don’t have the time to even THINK about working out, let alone actually DO it.

Overthinking exercising / staying active isn't something that needs to happen. Go for a walk around the baseball field on the outside of the fence or laps around the court while your kid is practicing. Get in the backyard and play tag or kick the soccer ball around with them. Try a different activity like going to the batting cages or to the trampoline park with the kiddos. There's so many ways to stay active versus just the gym setting. 

But finding a couple of minutes in your day to focus on your body will not only keep you healthy but it helps you stay in shape and has the power to give you SO. MUCH. CONFIDENCE! It will also help you handle the kiddos more easily when they aren't acting "perfectly."

Create positive eating habits:

The next super important thing to do to stay healthy as a busy parent is to find a diet that works for you. I’m not talking about an actual “diet”, but an eating lifestyle that is compatible with your schedule and with your family. Don't skip breakfast. You're vigilant about making sure your kids get a healthy breakfast every morning, but what about you? Snack Smartly/healthy. Eat right. Don't buy foods you know you shouldn't be eating. This is YOU creating a “diet” that works for YOU! No more of the yoyo dieting or grabbing the chips and candy bar from the ballpark concession because you weren't prepared. 

If you are actively looking at weight loss meals, fitness meal delivery services, or any type that can help your life stay on track just a bit easier, we've got you covered at with our healthy meal prep that would be delivered right to your door! 

H2O=H2Glow - Stay hydrated:

Goodbye fatigue, hello water! I had absolutely no idea what I was missing out on until I started drinking the amount of water that my body actually NEEDED.

No one ever told me the miraculous benefits of water:
-gives you energy
-can regulate you
-has the ability to prevent headaches
-help flush out toxins
-can improve your complexion
-helps you LOSE weight! ( Ever heard of lipase? Look it up!  )***


Sleep is exceptionally crucial and can be difficult when you're a parent but make time for naps with your kiddos or setting up a certain bedtime for them and let yourself get some much needed rest. Being a parent is tough! 
Your health isn’t determined with how much you weigh - but by how you FEEL.

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