Can You Drink Diet Soda on Keto?

Can You Drink Diet Soda on Keto?

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Can You Drink Diet Soda on Keto?

Many people who embark on the keto diet often wonder what they can and can’t eat, and the list is pretty straightforward, but what about drinks?

Can you drink diet soda on a keto? That’s a good question. Let’s answer it.

You Can Drink Diet Soda on Keto, But Should You?

The easy and most straightforward answer to the question “Can you drink diet soda on keto?” is yes. 

The keto diet works by depleting your body’s carbs, which is the quickest source of energy for your body, and forcing the body to tap into stored fat. This process is called ketosis.

Diet soda has no carbs since it is sugar-free. This means that you can drink diet soda and still stay in ketosis. However, you need to really consider the other ramifications of regularly drinking diet soda before you just guzzle them down with no qualms.

The Dangers of Diet Soda

Just because the answer is affirmative for 'can you drink diet soda on keto' doesn’t mean you should.

This is because diet soda is meant to mimic real soda. It is still sweet, but with no sugar. How? All diet drinks replace their sugar content with artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose.

These artificial sweeteners can make your gut microbiome unbalanced, causing diseases like IBS, IBD, obesity, diabetes and much more. 

Can You Drink Soda on Keto That You Make Yourself?

One popular way that individuals on keto enjoy a soda-like beverage without all the sugar or dangerous artificial sweeteners is by making their own version of diet soda.

You can make your own by mixing carbonated water, fresh fruit, and either monk fruit or stevia, two plant-based sugar substitutes that cause no negative side effects.

Of course, if all you want is to have something similar to soda or a drink that isn’t plain water, you can always buy Perrier, LaCroix, Zevia, or Bubly. 

These are flavored sparkling water with no carbs. Zevia is the only one with artificial sweetener but it is plant based so it's safe. 

Water Is Always the Best

There’s no harm in asking, “Can you drink diet soda on keto?” but when it comes to hydration, there’s no replacing good old-fashioned H2O. 

You can occasionally drink a healthier version of diet soda, or even regular diet soda won’t kill you but focus on getting plenty of water into your system for more energy and better hydration. 


So, can you drink soda on keto? Sure. Should you? Probably not. If you absolutely need to get your soda fix, try some sparkling water or make your own diet soda. 

Keto doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are some sacrifices that need to be made in order to see successful weight loss.

Cutting back on soda is just one small change that you can make to reach your health goals. Even if you drop regular soda for diet soda, you’ll still be sticking to the keto diet.

However, if your main goal in following the keto diet is to get healthy, diet soda isn’t the right choice.


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